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  1. Nemu

    Translating Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

    This is amazing! I'll never be grateful enough for all the time you guys spend to allow us to play these masterpieces.
  2. Nemu

    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Saturn Translation

    This sounds DELICIOUS <3
  3. Nemu

    Lets localize Terra Phantastica!

    Very interesting explanations. It makes me wanna retry to translate some obscure Saturn "dating" games :p Can't wait to read your next posts.
  4. Nemu

    Localizing Syutokou_97 / SYUTOKO BATTLE 97 Drift King

    Wow this is great! :D
  5. Nemu

    Translating Grandia

    Thank you for everything.
  6. Nemu

    Dracula X Extended mod patch by paul_met

    I just tried your hack and loaded one of my saves. The ability to load the map directly and fast is the best feature of this version. It changes everything! Thanks a lot :D
  7. Nemu

    Yumimi Mix Remix translation

    Amazing! I'm gonna try this! Thank u :D
  8. Nemu

    PAPRIUM, the 16-BIT Beat Them All Coming to the Next-GEN! Watermelon hires you !

    This game is a masterpiece! I would rebuy it to unlock achievements if they planed an Xbox release though :mask:
  9. Nemu

    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    I was rather suprised by the good picture quality of the hardsubed videos in Grandia and Sakura Taisen though
  10. Nemu

    Black Hole Sun Day

  11. Nemu

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    Thank you all so much <3 I'm gonna burn and try that masterpiece right now.
  12. Nemu

    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    OMG I feel stupid, I reported what's literaly written in that thread xD Thank u. I'll burn and test the sub version.
  13. Nemu

    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    Btw, where is the other thread with the list of bugs? I couldn't find it o_O Does the jp undub version suffer from the glitch I encoutered in dub? I'll probably burn and beta test the undub then.
  14. Nemu

    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    CD-R Thank u <3
  15. Nemu

    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    I began to play 1.5.1 english dub on real japanese hardware. I burned the game twice : first I patched my original game (version 1.05) and burned it then I downloaded a prepatched english dub iso found on internet. However, I still encounter the same bug. When a character is revived by Nall...
  16. Nemu

    Translating Grandia

    Yes ! That's exactly the same bug I reported to you on Discord. Playing on real hardware + CD-R
  17. Nemu

    (UPDATED TO v1.2) Announcing the release of my team's English translation patch for "Sakura Wars: Columns 2"!

    Wow! That's amazing! Thank you so much for this. Gonna burn it <3
  18. Nemu

    Translating Grandia

    It's true, I made an image of my disc with ImgBurn before patching the game and I didn't mount it. I didn't even know the patcher could patch a game straight from the CD drive.
  19. Nemu

    Translating Grandia

    Oh. On my patched CD-R it's still the original japanese warning but the track starts at the middle of the sentence with a distorted voice then, the begining of the warning message starts after the end, without distortions but stops in the middle. Not a big deal, the game seems to run fine anyway.
  20. Nemu

    Translating Grandia

    I just patched my original disc 2 with the 0.94 patch and finished to play the first disc (0.92). Even if it's an older build, it's always worth giving u feedbacks. I didn't encounter any single bug. You really did an amazing job. Now let's see the second part :p (After patching my japanese...