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    About pal euro titles on NTSC US

    Hi guys .... I've got DiscWorld 2 for saturn .... I used satconv as I always do to make them work on NTSC US system but these last weeks I've got some euro titles that I can't make working at all .... I always get a black screen at the beginning with no disk activity .... same thing happens...
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    Buyrite - are they bad at all ?

    hmmm, Thank you guys for you replies .... so, their really problem seems to be NO SUPPORT AT ALL !!! that's why I'm afraid ordering fro used games that appear on their online games list ... They will surely have some titles not available, unless they really update their list each time...
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    Buyrite - are they bad at all ?

    Hi guys .... I discovered BuyRite online shop .... Anyone have already ordered from them ?? I've sent an e-mail to them asking about the availability of some products as they are marked as "prePlayed" games and I don't want to pay for some games and finally receiving an e-mail some days after...
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    Discworld 2 for Saturn (UK) - 60hz compatible

    Hi, you confirm it really work in 60hz on US saturn ? I would really like to play that one ... I've got it and converted it with satconv to US and like many other pal games it boot with a black screen and freeze .... do you know other way to make it working ? Thanks