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  1. Douglie007

    Shining Force 3 translation patch V23 released

    I loved playing it though on V19. I dont know if im ready for another 150 hour... they were good hours, but lots of time
  2. Douglie007

    Another EAN code discovered, for Mystaria 2 localization

    That would be exciting, but being that it was under Mysteria and not Burning Heroes it must have been a really early concept.
  3. Douglie007

    Communication port information

    I was reading the beginning of this thread and the "fake Floppy" was something that looked like someone developed to replace the expensive reaI floppy drive. I tried to find the MiniModem but I could figure out how it worked with windows. Also once I have it on the PC I assume with the Save...
  4. Douglie007

    Communication port information

    I have like 2 Memory cards full I would love to backup. The link I found for the fakefloppy doesnt work... does any one know a backup link? or is anyone selling them?