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    Help a new GC owner on a budget

    I don't know about that cheap but if you want good games get Mario Sunshin, Pikmin 1, 2, Smash Brothers, and Wind Waker. Best served with buffalo chicken pizza.
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    Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble

    Thank you! You made my day!
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    Rock N' Roll Racing For The SNES

    This music is best served with buffalo chicken pizza.
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    New Here

    I am not new but I like pizza. Especially buffalo chicken pizza.
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    Post 80s/90s cartoons that you bet everyone has forgotten a

    I saw Biker Mice but I don't remember it. There were 3 mice and a lady but I don't remember who they were fighting or what they were doing. Oh well.... Bucky O'Hare ruled though. Cause it was a giant rabbit piloting a spaceship. His gunner looked like daffy duck with multiple arms.
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    I want to download the music!

    lol i can beat that 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ah ah all in one
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    Suggestions for forum

    I like pizza can you work with that?
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    Jump Superstars!

    will it be coming out in the U.S.
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    Super Robot Taisen J

    They get all the good games
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    More Revolution News

    Thank you Nintendoslave05204 i thought it was kind of mean, then he ditched us, so now he smells, BTW CHECK and i like the idea of the original NES controller. BTW Nintendoslave05204 is it painful in there??? That doesen't seem like a pleasent place to live.
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    More Revolution News

    CHECK Do you have any reply to my signature???
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    Killer 7 Plot Details...

    I don’t like it that kind of thing belongs on the PS2 or Xbox PS Iceman2k smells
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    i would like the sound track to zelsd wind waker if any one has it
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    More Revolution News

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    NO Nes games in Animal Crossing DS

    I have nothing to say but Iceman wanted me to post something so hear it is.
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    What could be improved in these sections of TW?

    Offer free beer tomorrow
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    The Best NES games

    Castlevania 3 Kirby
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    What DS games are you looking forward to?

    Katamari Nintendogs Zelda Anything Myst-ical Adventure Kirby's on the Roll Aura-Fixation
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    What are some good GBA Games you recommend?

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories