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  1. Tripredicus

    Your new avatar?  MY NEW SIG!

    ok, so after playing toejam and earl for 3 hours straight in a half zombified state of fatigue, it seemed like a good idea. At least I'm a funk lord. If there's anything else in life i have not achieved, at least I have that.
  2. Tripredicus

    Your new avatar?  MY NEW SIG!

    I dunno.. seemed like a good idea...
  3. Tripredicus

    Good Seller/Trader

    Just recieved Toejam and Earl today, perfect condition, as promised, and Soup sold it to me for 10 dollars less than I was offering to buy it for! Soup Or Man = Super, man. good seller.
  4. Tripredicus

    What song are you listening to?...continued

    Now Playing: E:\daMP3s\KONAMI\Dancemania Super Trance Best\Konami - 11 - THE WHISTLE SONG (BLOW MY WHISTLE BITCH).MP3 (that's by DJ Alligator Project, if you were wonderin.) Current playlist is all Dancemania...
  5. Tripredicus

    Tec Toys?

    I just saw a auction for a brand new knuckles chaotix, made and imported from brazil that works on NTSC systems (?!?). So I went and found these guys on the web, and it looks like they are reproducing a large amount of dreamcast,saturn,mega drive, and master system games and hardware. One: Are...
  6. Tripredicus

    Genesis Adaptor

    I don't know which version genesis you have, but they did make a component (that's what the red/white/yellow cables are called) video cable for the 32x/Genesis2/CDX. As far as I can remember, the cables for the genesis2 were mono (only yellow and white cables), then they produced stereo cables...
  7. Tripredicus

    can somone show me

    If you are talkin about the video cable that goes from the genesis to the 32x, I bought one from for 3 dollars, 5 bucks shipped. It came promptly and brand spankin new. I think they are actually Sega authorized dealers, so all is good. I would recommend just buying it rather...
  8. Tripredicus

    What is the worst control pad....

    I second the vote for the turbo touch 360. Non-responsive and stupid. Horrible idea. In second comes the god awful super scope. What a horrible design. Just picked one up at the flea market and I can't even figure out how to hold it correctly. I think i'm too big for the damn thing.
  9. Tripredicus

    Beat Snatcher, now what?

    It's sad really, Gillian gets rejected by every woman in the game, including his wife. But in an homage to good ol Liesure Suit Larry, he manages to bumble into a kiss from a stripper and a peep show of Katrina's nips. That must have been one thin towel. A much better detective than a ladies...
  10. Tripredicus

    Best Sega cd soundtracks

    Anything Tommy Tallarico was good. But my vote would have to go to the Sega Classics disc. Nothing, NOTHING beats Yuzo. Revenge Of Shinobi was classic work. Streets of Rage was great too..... I think I'm gonna go play Actraiser now...
  11. Tripredicus

    Beat Snatcher, now what?

    Well, 3 days of snatcher and it's over. I think it took 5 hours on the game clock. That's really really short! Is there anything else in the game I might have missed that makes it worth playing through again? Excellent game, I was really interested in the story, but just a little too short.
  12. Tripredicus

    anyone else hear about this?

    <--- This guy's CDX works fine, I burn using Verbatim 80 min 24x discs and TDK 80 min 32x discs. I burn at my recorders max, 16x. Works like a champ. I've burned ISO + MP3, plus I've made Bin/Cue backups of my poor old originals, and straight CD to CDR backups. All methods work fine. I might...
  13. Tripredicus

    Shining Force CD intro...

    This happens when loading the iso alone in GENS as well (without the mp3s, this is game bgm/voice). It is not a burning problem. Go grab the iso and see for yerself FORCE CD.rar
  14. Tripredicus

    Shining Force CD intro...

    Ok, just burned me a copy of Shining Force CD for the SCD and when the intro plays, the narrator is off sync by up to 7 seconds in some parts. My question: is this normal, or a product of a bad ISO rip? If it is an ISO problem, does this affect gameplay later in the game, or is it limited only...
  15. Tripredicus

    Having trouble burning Snatcher/Lunar

    I fixed the sync the old-fashioned (maybe a little thick headed) way. I played the intro, with a stopwatch in one hand. I started the stopwatch when the lipflap started, and stopped it when the voice started. 2 seconds exactly, everytime. So I deleted 2 seconds from each .wav file and reburned...
  16. Tripredicus

    Having trouble burning Snatcher/Lunar

    The game is snatcher. Nero had no proplems burning the game. But the audio is out of sync. Is this a product of my Mp3's or my cue file? The cue looks like this: FILE "Track 01.iso" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 POSTGAP 00:02:00 FILE "Track 02.wav" WAVE TRACK 02...
  17. Tripredicus

    Having trouble burning Snatcher/Lunar

    When ever I try to burn Snatcher or Lunar, I get this error message from CDRWIN: Error: Invalid CUE SHEET command at line 4 WAVE file is invalid or not CDROM compatible I am using Cue maker to make the proper cue sheet for the game, and listening to the wave file, it seems fine. Does anyone...