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    Various Sega stuffs for sale

    Sega, they are the official type. And yes i still have Shining Force 3
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    New SEGA PS2 gamepads

    As you can see its just some licenced rubbish. Seems its getting a bit desperate now :/
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    Various Sega stuffs for sale

    Im based in the UK, London to be specific. Prices include shipping within the UK but if you live anywhere else just gimme a shout and i can tell you how much postage would be on top of the price. MegaDrive I wont state any regions here unless asked to specify, most are PAL but all work on a PAL...
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    Modding 64-pin Saturns

    I followed the exact same methods as read on this forum. I had the chip's component side facing out to the casing. The cable still has the twist in it. I used the A+B method that mal pioneered. The problems i encountered with the first chip was that it required a slight push towards the...
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    Modding 64-pin Saturns

    The first chip would have worked if i didnt insist on pushing it so much. It would work without the case on top but with the top on it seemed to push something and the dodgy connections happened again. Before i got it working it was doing exactly the same as everyone else with their cd player...
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    Modding 64-pin Saturns

    I think i'll add to this thread. I recently bought 2 chips off of Racketboy. the 1st chip i think i've killed through constantly moving it. The second chip however, i installed at it worked perfectly. I have a 64pin pal Model. I did find with the first chip that you had to push the modchip...
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    Are You Interested in a Saturn Modchip?

    Depending on willingness to ship to the UK and the version of Saturn its for i could be interested too.
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    Outrun 2 Info

    Just played the demo on Live and it is certainly amazing. Demo is available for people lucky enough to be in the UK from Game for a £3 deposit on the full version. Hopefully they'll release worldwide to share the love. Oh yeah and they have done an excellent job on the conversion Definitely...
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    Outrun 2 Info

    Us lucky Europeans are getting it on the 8th October. I've heard that we'll be the first to get it. With Japan being a couple of weeks later. I really cant wait for this, played it in the arcades enough to know its amazing
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    Good AMD mobo

    I've got an Abit NF7S V2 and i gotta say its brilliant. You can definitely change the multiplier in the bios, cos i've my cpu overclocked nicely. I'd definitely recommend the Abit or maybe a DFI Ultra Infinity, same chipset but i've heard if you want some serious overclocking the DFI has a...
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    A beginner´s Question

    This gets better by the day :D :D :D I just found out my boxed megacd 1 is worth a nice amount. And now that a CDX sells for good money too. How much you talking usually for the cdx prices?
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    Manhunt-Related Killing?

    Game, the biggest retailer in the UK, has taken Manhunt off the shelf and i got a feeling they wont be selling it again. I was working at my local Game branch today when we got the email telling us to take them off sale and to not accept them for part exchanges. The media are calling for all...
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    Fixing a defect genesis(Megadrive)

    The ac adapter would blow up anyway if it was the wrong voltage junker. Once its into the megadrive/genesis its all the same voltage. Most pal games, apart from newer ones, work at either 50 or 60hz. If your not in PAL land its more than likely your TV set isnt supporting the PAL signal coming...
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    Loads Of Stuff For Sale! - UK Only

    how much would one cost to post? Looking to replace my extremely bashed up one.
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    Loads Of Stuff For Sale! - UK Only

    Got any pictures of those megadrive systems? Are they md1 or md2?
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    Sakura Taisen Series

    Hello everyone, im looking to get me some Sakura Taisen, being in the UK this is proving slightly difficult, so i was wondering if anyone knew of a place that has them all in stock, either as the collection or singularly for a decent price and will ship to the UK. If anyone could help i'd...
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    The Best Dreamcast Games!

    Would it be possible to stick the genre next to each game? That way people like me can find shoot em ups that i have missed :) Thanks
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    Shining Soul II dated for Europe

    Yep its definitely out today Seen it in the shop
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    Shining Soul II dated for Europe

    I could have sworn its out today. I work in my local game shop part time and yesterday they were getting it all ready. Shame its gonna be like Shining Soul 1 :(
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    Ahhh, of course i forgot that if someone decides to have an avatar like that and have a certain signature they MUST follow Dreamcast release dates. I must remember to judge every single person by those key indicators you so helpfully pointed out to me.