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    New Internet speed record

    dvd quality p0rn woot :banana
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    I'm back there :)

    I'm back there :) yay, cookies for everyone!
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    What do you do?

    operations floater for guardian security.
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    annoying tv problems

    ummmm, back for 2 seconds, foward and punch?
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    Post a Picture of Yourself

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    A VGA Box Inside of A Dreamcast

    omg u bozo. the faw to do it is on the same site >=/
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    Highest pay in Crazy Taxi

    i made 1 million points. actually 999,999 to be precise. which is funny. cuz i was in a crazy slide stuck in kfc, and i couldnt get down, so even tho i accumulated 1 million in tips(which took like 4 minutes), i couldnt land to collect.
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    scariest game EVER

    scariest game i have ever played....doom 3 beta XD
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    Need to get in teh shape

    hmmm. do tae bo!!! no seriously. u wont see any results in 3 weeks unless u r dedicated. situps and pushups are good, but they wont help u in 3 weeks. however, dieting and jogging can help u in 3 weeks. im on a mission myself. im planning to get a 6pack within a couple months. i already have...
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    Sony's new handheld official specs...

    Sony's new handheld official specs... a gigaflop is what i hope this thing does.
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    Bad Boys 2

    havent seen it yet, but if it has a good story then it will be better than t3, cuz t3 had no story and all action.
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    ripping probs

    when ripping with cdrwin or nero i get lots of disc read errors, so i have to use clonecd but it makes a huge image out of a small game. anyone know a way to get past those errors with cdrwin??? the game im ripping is barely scratched, maybe a 3-4 average scratches on the whole disc and i get...
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    T-Zwei, more shooty goodness

    thanks for theinfo, im a shmup nut, i be sure to grab it.
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    SMS Plus <- it rocks !

    yah, and i dont quite seem to see how to dl it.
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    Happy Birthday Taelon

    yo dai whats up homie. happy b day =D
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    anyone here draw anime?

    ok so i take it NO ONE here is interested >=/
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    Soul Calibur 2

    then u obviously know nothing. this game is awesome, and im one of the ppl who master fighters, definatel a big improvement over the original.
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    Wish me luck!

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    Wish me luck!

    must suck having to go through all this stuff, what caused all this?
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    And... Im back again

    short n sweet.