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    Return Fire Re-Release Tryout

    Any way to post this up to a Usenet group for us all to see? I know there will be some lamers who usually leech complain that they cant get it to work but I'd like to try and look at it. Even if it were a ISO/MP3 rip. Small, easily downloadable, and at the same time no server costs.
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    PSO Disappearing?

    PSO Disappearing?
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    What was the first Saturn game you played?

    Daytona USA and Virtua Cop on a model 1_ oval_ Saturn scored from a Blockbuster for $10 (not mine). I too was spoiled. Hell I thought the Playstations had nothin on either the DC or the Saturn. Until I saw the Capcom Fighters and Dracula X......
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    Rarest Item and rarest original Sat Game you have.

    My rare and only titles for the Saturn so far: Dracula X Street Fighter Zero 3 w/ RAM box Hey I'm catchin' up! In fact I just got an N64 & Conker's BFD for $10 Friday! See profile for systems owned. D. Logic
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    Goodbye social life!!

    I love it. The only thing I do not like about it is the amount of Japanese and the menu access. If it were a bit more in english in terms of the items, I'da finished it by now. The extra two areas of the game are really cool. Can't understand why they were left out on the PSX. (BTW, the...
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    Just added a switch to my 21-pin Saturn

    I wish I could've taken pictures of it while i was doing it but it came out quite nice. I was at Fry's (gag) and they had somewhat of a car hydraulic switch but I thought nah... I'd hate to see my Saturn on 3-wheel motion. Anyways, I got it done with the somewhat greatest ease. Although, my...
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    Need some info here

    I read the numerous posts on the modchip complications that many of you experienced. My question is: I saw one poster say that he didn't need the blue wire and all you have to do is mod the A-B points together. Is this possible for a 32pin system? Also what two points (0014 & 0019) are most...