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    anyone know where...

    Uh, it does kill brain cells. AND it knocks out your dopeimine receptors in your brain, sensors that let you feel pleasure. And when that happens, you have to do more and more to get the same high. So as a result you get addicted and you can't ever think at your maximum capactity anymore. But...
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    Oh, thanks for the research E nice. I got the black mollies options disc.
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    Zero gunner 2!

    I have it too. I thought it was unique with all the vechicles that transform into mech's once you piss them off enough. But IMHO, it doesn't come close to Radiant Silvergun, it's just not as polished. Something about RS is really spectacular the way all the music, art, and graphics all come...
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    Journeyman project directors cut (saturn)

    Must be for PC right? I heard the third one was the crappiest.
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    I miss zerocool

    Sound to me like our non-english speaking "hacker" was using babelfish from altavista to convert his stuff to english.
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    HAHA! What country are you from? Just curious becuase the licence plates look simliar to this Russian one I saw once.
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    I figured I should give my real fish some competition. They're going to be so envious. If you aren't sure what aquazone is, its an aquaruim sim, and I've been looking for a copy for awhile now. I just hope there's enough english where I can figure out how to feed them at least (its a Japanese...
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    Shining force hayjya for gamegear

    It's just the cart in the plastic case. It would have been nice to have an instruction manual if it came with one, I believe some Game Gear games had them.
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    Whats the best cdr's to use for a sega saturn ?

    Whats the best cdr's to use for a sega saturn ? Ive used Imations mostly, but I get whatever's on sale. You can easily find a 50pack for 4.99 if you live in the US near comp usa, bestbuy, or circuit city. The only thing to be carefull about is how you store and treat your discs. The cheaper...
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    Shining force hayjya for gamegear

    I bought a bulk amount of gamegear games from a friend of a friend for pretty cheap. Among them is Shining Force The Sword of Shajya. I'm new to Game Gear becuase I just got one. I showed my other friend and he shit a brick and said it was super-rare. Is it? Anyone know the production numbers?
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    Games that support link cable

    The only two games I know of Directlink are Doom and Gungriffin II. Virtual On, Duke 3d, Sega Rally Champ Plus and Daytona USA CCE are NETLINK only I am pretty sure. And Netlink only works with direct calls from one line to another, which sucks becuase I thought I would be able to play friends...
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    Dungeon and dragon shadow over mystara

    Don't fret, it's very straightforward. I beat it with no problems and the only Japanses I know is "ARIGATO" and "YATTA!"
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    How much memory on the 32x

    A little off topic, but interesting. A guy from the game company N space came to our university and was lecturing. He said that the saturn is basically 2 32x's slapped togethor in paralell processing mode. He said Sega was worried about Nintendo and Sony releasing thier console, so they wanted...
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    Journeyman project directors cut (saturn)

    I played Journeyman Project Turbo a looong time ago on PC and thought it was great. Just today I found the 2nd game, BUIRED IN TIME in a liquidation store for 4.99!! When I got home and was reading an advertisement that came in the box, it showed a picture of "Journeyman Project Directors Cut"...
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    So anyone ever used to saturns and the link cable?

    Hahaha. Yeah I got my link cable from liksang 2 summers ago for $9.
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    So anyone ever used to saturns and the link cable?

    HA! Thats funny that the topic of the worst version of doom came up becuase I just posted about the 32x version a few days ago in the other forum. Now I'm going to have to get my hands on a copy of the saturn doom just to use the cables. I think thats the one version of doom I don't have...
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    Doom 32x style really blows!

    Its even slower then the version I have for my jaguar! Havent played it on the saturn. I heard the music is different on the saturn version or something like that. Damn I'm a freak.
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    21 pin model 1

    You could always use the rubber band on a cut-out cd over CD-R trick.
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    So anyone ever used to saturns and the link cable?

    I believe Gungriffin 2 is the only game that suports it. I've had a link cable for 2 years. Never used it. Whats funny is the cable is common, the one game that supports it Ive never seen, not even on ebay. Has anyone played it, and has anyone ever has networked saturns going?
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    Help!  my saturn became flaky!

    Yeah, havent opened it up yet. Guess I'll crack it open and take a look at my internal mod job, although I doubt my flawless airforce-quality soldiering is to blame