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  1. Lylat1an

    How to fix 32x not passing through Genesis games?

    I recently acquired a 32x and it seems okay with 32x games, but it won't let me play Genesis games. Is there a way to fix this? I opened it up and found the top of a large capacitor may have shorted against the RF shield, might replacing that fix it?
  2. Lylat1an

    Sega CD Transfer Cable on EXT port?

    Thanks, I'll ask him. The reason I'd like to use the EXT port is in case I load any multiplayer games. Further research suggests that I may not be able to load any games larger than Sonic 1 though. Perhaps now there's a way to load larger ones, or play directly from a networked directory? I...
  3. Lylat1an

    Sega CD Transfer Cable on EXT port?

    I have a Sega CD on order, and I'd like to use a Transfer cable to dump the BIOS and load my (legally obtained) virtual library. However, I would prefer not to use the second controller port to do this, is it possible to use the EXT port on the back of my model 1 Genesis instead? Perhaps I can...