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    Your geny collection...

    Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco Grand Prix 2 (USA) very rare, Along with both Mutant League Football and Hockey and General Chaos.
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    Jap Imports

    Well lets see here my copy soct me $28.50 shipped from belgium. I saw a copy 4 months ago in the states sell on ebay for $130. Being that is one of the rarest most desirable games....IT'S ALL MINE! Sorry guys I mean I went through hell trying ti find the game sof r a reasonable price. Bad news...
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    Neo Geo Poket Flash Cart Homebrew?

    Thanks man. Now how to either A make it program able with serial deal or B make a smart media slot for easy stuff.
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    Neo Geo Poket Flash Cart Homebrew?

    I was wondering if nayone had found any info on how to build neo geo flast carts. I know you ca flash the commercial games and the flash carts exist so there has to be a way to make a homebrew right?
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    Jap Imports

    Yeah 203 is easy to play. They show you the objective for each mission in picture format. The you just throw ping pong ballls like a mad man. Fun wierd little game, RAre to find a legit copy like mine.
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    Jap Imports

    Roommania #203 is good.
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    My Magic 3 modchip

    I got a 3.1 and I installed it myself. RUNS LIKE A CHAMP! Cold boots sometimes give me crap but that is a timing issue and really not the chips fault. Imports, cdr, psx, dvd you name it, it boots. You'll like it.
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    Well having both i would have to say the ps2 version is less buggy. They look about the same graphically. Up to you.
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    Proud Roommania #203 Owner

    Yes it finally arrive Friday from Belgium and my obsession has been obatined! Roommania #203 is now mine after a good 2 years of searching. Boot disc is a pain but the game is pretty fun. I think this is it for my old DC I have all but moved to the PS2 junkies and will be adding a harddrive to...
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    Pro Bowling 2001 Released!

    Wanna hear something really funny? The game has network support which is STILL INTACT AND FUNCTIONAL! Yes gamespy runs the servers which somehow you can connect to (modem only) and play the game networked. Anyone for Beta Bowling leagues? I just wanna see the admins face when he/she realises.
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    Pro Bowling 2001 Released!

    Although no Half Life not a bad game. Graphically it has to be the best for bowling. Controler are set up in the classic "golf style" three tap deal. Takes up a whopping 80 blocks (these betas are nuts half life for instance) Nice to add to the collection altogether.
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    Pro Bowling 2001 Released!

    Well yeah it is beta and kinda sketchy due to that but PBA Bowling 2001 has been "released". It is the Euro version but that should be a problem. Props to the boys who keep the scene alive. Will try to find this and get some word to you guys. :cheers
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    Played it all the way through. Me and a couple buddies just gritted our teeth and game sharked it. Hilarious game and look forward to the sequel.
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    Any other members of DCEmulation on here?

    Yeah I am registered over there too. Site is all but dead really. Everyone moved on to PS2 and Xbox. It was bound to happen. Hell I am about to pick up my last game for DC .........Roommania #203 finally.
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    Sega AGES

    Yeah yeah yeah but I also bought it for F355 and Initial D Special Stage. Sega has been pretty good lately about comming out with what they say.
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    Sega AGES

    But when the hell is streets of rage 4 comming out! Come on Sega it is one of the games I bought my ps2 for!
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    How hard is it to find/ does it exist

    I was wondering if anyone knows if a Saturn Manufactured after April 1996 is available with the oval buttons and in 21 pin format?
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    Want to trade for "modded" consoles..

    actually the lasers in the 1001 and 5501 models are quite good you jusy have to slightly tweak the pot screws. My modded 5501 works great with the internal mod or the pro action replay.
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    ne1 have experience fixing PS2s

    You might wanna check the ic called BA6664FM usually it blows on the V7's it is a weakness within the version. If pin 8 is fully grounded then your screwed.
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    Now GameGizmo is closed

    I have a feeling this was another DMCA closing. They were way to high profile. Well all in all it just re-enforces me making my own chip proggers.