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    I'm alive!!!

    I'm alive!!! I'm alive! :) Pearl Jammzz found me on Yahoo and I've just spent two hours looking back over these boards and reminiscing. Cloud's almost legal, isn't he? *cackle*
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    Shoulda been a video game!

    Okay kids! This should be an interesting topic. What books should have been made into a video game and WHY?? Comics do not count, nor do movies, nor do TV series. You have to have read the book and be able to give a good explanation WHY it should have been made into a game (besides the fact...
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    Yay for me!

    Happy early birthday to me... Happy early birthday to me... Happy early birthday to me... Happy early birthday to me... I got my present already woo woo! GeForce4 Ti4400 *dance*
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    Nifty Sega Icons

    I'm looking for Sega themed ICONS. Not avatars or animated gifs or jpgs... The actual icon files - .ico extension usually. Anybody got any or links to them?? I'm doing a project for school and need some
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    Vote Vagina
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    Cosmetic Surgery

    Anybody know how to repair a scratch on a monitor?? It's not very large, perhaps the size of the tip of a sharpened pencil, maybe a tad larger... head of a ball-ended pin, perhaps.
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    I see Audiogalaxy finally gave in and stopped its services. *sigh* And of course it HAD to be when I decided to make a cd for someone!
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    Why i came to sx .....

    I found out about SX through a friend of mine who >was< into the Emulation scene. I spent quite a long time looking around and checking the site out on my first visit. I was completely amazed that someone would take the time and effort to make a site as informative as this. I read almost all...
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    What's your favorite kind of sushi and what is in it?
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    Body art

    Anyone (besides me) into body art?
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    Ftp alliance

    I just read over that FTP Alliance thing. Someone forgot to use a grammar/spell checker. The over-use of the ellipses is also a bit uh, confuzzling.
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    Old school sega

    I remember when the original Sonic was out and we didn't have a Sega, my brothers pitched in and we bought one and Sonic Adventure. It was the best game I ever played; it was my favorite game. Then Sonic Adventure 2 was out and that was even better. To this day I love that game, it is one of my...
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    Okay it's not funny

    Okay it's not funny Who is deleting the threads?
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    It's the real skankinmonkey!

    It's the real skankinmonkey! Yes folks, HERE on SegaXtreme, we have the ONE, the ONLY, REAL LIVE UNCAGED SKankinMonkey. He slices, he dices, he boots people from irc and he writes guides to burn stuff. Get your Tshirts while you can *gigglz*
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    Winme r0x me

    9:14AM on 4/20/02 My windows uptime is currently: 1wk 2days 11hrs 28mins 45secs Eat me. And it's not fake. You'd have to be on irc to see me scroll it. And it's running just fine... not slow at all.
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    Why don't you resize your avatar?

    Why don't you resize your avatar? Personally I prefer to see things not quite so damn pixelated. But then, that is me and I'm probably the ONLY person with a *real* picture (and of myself, no less) as my avatar.
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    Quickest and Easiest way to..

    COMPLETELY DESTROY A PC? This is serious..... I really need to know the fastest and easiest way to fry a mobo + processor (and monitor if anyone knows how). I would prefer that these methods do not leave marks on the machine... Some really stupid shit has happened between a friend of mine and...
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    If someone who still has the Road Avenger mp3s would PLEASE upload them to me: port 21 NOT PASSIVE upload/upload I will be forever in your debt. (This is as a favor to someone else since I never bothered to figure out how to rip SCD stuff anywho) Edit: It didn't update the...
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    New Game System,2101,50875,00.html (Edited by Cynnamin at 3:14 am on Mar. 8, 2002)
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    Ys I & II

    Ys I & II I've got Ys I & II for the Turbo Duo if anyone wants. :D I'll have to rip it and post it somewhere.... possibly on my ftp.