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    Interesting Read for Saturn Fans

    Hey all, If you're in need of something to read on your lunch break, here ya go! Inside Pulse Saturn Article Game on dudes! ;)
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    Happy Birthday US Saturn!!

    Hey guys, remember, US Saturns are all one year older this month! Amazing huh? The Saturn I'm still using now is actually older than some of my relatives! But anyway, just make sure you take some time out of your day to show yours some love. :cheers Here's to you Saturn!...and to another...
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    Structured 3D

    Hey guys, I've been working on a small project and have been wondering something. Okay, you know how 3D models are animated using nested matrices right? Well instead of hard-coding the structure of the matrices, is there some way data like this could be loaded from CD? No rush or anything...
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    Gaming smack talk

    Ever play with that certain person that will start spouting stuff as soon as they start losing? It's kinda cool to hear the stuff they say...almost like their mouths are moving faster than their brains and they haven't quite heard how bad it sounds yet. Well, here are some quotes I've heard...
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    5 Best Cartoons of All Time!

    Hmmm, I got home after work yesterday...dead tired. Before I even took my tie and shoes off I plopped down on the couch (upside down of course, like we all used to do). Then I got to thinking..."man, I haven't watched toons in a while!" So on went the comcast but I couldn't find anything...
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    SX PSO Gathering?

    Hey guys! Anyone else up for some PSO this weekend? I'm just figuring this would give us a chance to game together on some classic SEGA goodness seeing as how monday is a holiday here. We could start from lvl 1 using our SX forum names for our characters or something. Just an idea :lol...
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    Elbesem Engine

    Hey all, I've been working on something for like the past 14 months...and I'm at the point where I think it just might be of use to a few of us. It's actually more of a library than an engine, but 'Elbesem Library' doesn't quite sound as cool as 'Elbesem Engine' :P Well anyway, in the past I...
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    Hey Rockin'-B!

    Hey Rockin'-B! Yo Rockin'-B, I got your PM and here's some code to play CDDA tracks on the Saturn. The line 'Play_cdda(6, 12, 5)' is the most important one because it tells the Saturn: Play CD audio tracks 6 through 12, 5 times. Change the number to something like 'Play_cdda(6, 6, 10)' and...
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    Saturn I/O

    Hey all, I've been messing around with the controller port for a little while and I was just wondering if there was any way for the saturn to output to it. You know, "on" or "off" states for the +5v pins and stuff like that. Kinda like a parallel port on a PC. If it is possible, then...
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    Hey, Is it possible to do this?

    Hey all, I'm trying to figure out if it would be possible to read data from and to a PAR from a PC while an SGL program was running. I know it sounds like a pretty weird question, but I was working on a backup routine and just thought I'd find out once and for all. thanks!!