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    Twilight Princess Piano Suite

    Twilight Princess Piano Suite on YouTube
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    Wii Going Online With GameSpy
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    Captain N: The Game Master coming to DVD February 27!!

    Shout! Factory will be releasing Captain N: The Game Master - The Complete Series on a 4-disc DVD set February 27th!!! TV Shows On DVD info Pre-Order at Amazon
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    Wii Have a Problem...

    With over one-million units sold, the first severe technical problem facing Wii players is becoming apparent... People are playing them harder than expected, and the Wiimote strap just isn't strong enough! Wiimotes are flying through the air everywhere causing damage to homes, property, and...
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    Wii Pre-orders

    GameStop stopped taking pre-orders for the Wii before the end of the day Friday. Toys-R-Us has announced that they will begin taking Wii pre-orders on October 29th.
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    Wii to Launch November 19 at $249. The console will launch in the United States on November 19 at a price of $249 and will be available at over 25,000 retail outlets. Also of note is that the console initially will only be available in white. Wii Sports will be included with the console and...
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    Excuse the dust...

    Excuse the dust... I've just done some rearranging around the forums. Some new forums have been created, including one for custom covers, and some other forums have been moved into different groups. So if you don't see your favorite forum where it was before, just look further down the list.
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    Free USB FlashDrive from Micro$oft. There's a little graphic link on the right. Read over two pages and take a test about legally licensing WindowsXP, and they'll send you a free USB FlashDrive with a bunch of files on it. I guess I'll find out in 6 to 8 weeks if it...
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    50% off select video games at Circuit City

    50% off select video games at Circuit City Running 1/29 to 2/04.
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    National Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday...

    y3573Rd@y wA2 Na7i0Nal 7aLK lIk3 a P!rA73 day. I 5P3N7 @Ll d@Y 7ryIn9 70 pH!9Ur3 0u7 H0W 70 7Alk LIK3 7HI2.
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    pondering... Hurricane Katrina

    Ya know... watching the news coverage on CNN and MSNBC, listening to the mayor of New Orleans go off on the radio about the lack of support they're getting from the federal government and relief organizations... Something came to mind. If the disaster on the gulf coast had been caused by...
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    13 students charged w/ felonies for using password

    13 highschool students have been charged with 3rd Degree Felony "Computer Tresspass" after using the password that was written on the back of the school-issued Apple laptops to disable the school's monitering software and then do things like use IM, download music, and look at porn...
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    Interesting Read, RE: ratings, sex, violence

    I was browsing around Roger Ebert's website and came across this commentary he wrote back in 1993, in response to the TV ratings system. A Few Words on Violence It brings up some good points that, IMHO, are just as relevant today in the wake of the ratings controversy surrounding Grand Theft...
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    Just a note about what you can and cannot do when posting a news story. You cannot copy a story off another website, even if you include a link to that site, unless that site has given explicit written permission to do so. Copying a story is a copyright infringement and can result in nasty...
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    XBOX 360 to be offered in two versions

    Microsoft Rolling Out Two Xbox Versions
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    Zelda:TP Delay

    Nintendo has announced that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has been pushed back to a TBA 2006 release date. The official word is that they plan to add "some incredible new elements" to the game. story link here
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    Game Storage?

    I've once again found myself with some spare time on my hands, so I've decided to get back to cleaning up all my stuff. It's hard to describe exactly what sort of person I am: I'm not a collector, because I don't insist upon mint condition for everything. I can't really be a hardcore gamer...
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    RIP Tigger, RIP Piglett

    Paul Winchell, most known as the voice of Tigger from Disney's "Winnie the Pooh" movies and TV shows, has died at age 82. He was also a ventriloquist, inventor, and children's TV host.
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    RIP: Will Eisner :(
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    Need Feedback on Xbox Wireless Controllers

    A little bit after last xmas, I bought a Pelican wireless controller for my Xbox. This was the first version they released, operating at 900mhz. It worked fine for a while, but then started loosing the signal at very inopportune times. I'm now thinking about buying one of the newer 2.4ghz...