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    Snatcher locks up?

    I found an older thread that has the answer: all the audio tracks had two additional seconds of silence and track twelve was missing. Thanks everybody. Now if I could only get Lunar to work...
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    Snatcher locks up?

    I have Snatcher Mode 1 2048, am running it with Wgens191, and it stops running whenever I get into the turdocycle to back Jean up at the ruined factory. Specifically it locks up at the screen where it shows Gillian's face and the window next to him with all the lights of the city whizzing past...
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    Snatcher and Bladerunner

    The book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" and the movie, Blade Runner, are exremely different. This is very obvious from the first page, where you see that Deckard wakes up next to his wife. Also Rachael seduces Deckard and they have sex, She knows she's a replicant from the start etc. So...