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  1. J

    Matrix Revolutions

    Seems to me that this whole Matrix series(which I absolutely loved) is based on gnostic Christianity, obviousy there are other elements but gnosticism seems to be the main thing it draws from, any you guys know anything about gnosticism?
  2. J

    are we ever gonna see a new nights game?

    i just wish a new nighs game would come out, i dont care what system its on, has anyone heard any rumors or anything about a new nights game
  3. J

    Did sega ax dc online play?

    just curious, i heard all the dreamcast online title would no longer work after jan 1st, lately i got a lot of free time and was thinking about going and getting a dialup isp to play my dc online but i wanted to see if it is still working before i possible wasted money
  4. J

    shining force question

    thanks for the help, i finaly got it, i had forgottan to get it when i beat the vampire, i had to go back and get it from a chest
  5. J

    shining force question

    i think i might have sold it, is there anyway to get it back
  6. J

    shining force question

    yep holy ark, i put force by accident, im stuck in the southern shrine
  7. J

    shining force question

    how do i walk on the ceiling n the south shrine
  8. J

    Is this true

    quake 1 on one the dc kicks, i think looks better than playing it in opengl on the pc, i got those 1100 genesis games cds also, there is alost one with 1100 nes roms floating around:O), the vcd player isnt so spectacular the sound and picture arent in sync with each other and its bad framrates...