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    Best way to use import games

    Gigawing 2 is stupid! Finished it in 20 minutes. At least the first game had a bunch of levels.
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    Dreamcast Recommendations

    Tokyo Extreme Racer 1 is a pretty good 2 player racer (the sequel was 1 player only) but the races were a bit short, especially if the other player was really bad and their energy bar disappeared really quick. San Fransisco rush has better courses, but doesnt have realistic cars. I think...
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    PC-Dreamcast server...

    Is this any use? I meant to try it out ages ago but never got round to it
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    Action RPG's

    Action RPG's Rayearth doesnt suck! Its probably my most played saturn game. The cute anime characters and storyline make it loads of fun. Havent bothered with Legend of Oasis as it doesnt look as much fun to me. Too many weird puzzles. I'll give it a try though just on the very very slim...
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    The preservation of unreleased Saturn games

    Well, I asked a friend at Eidos uk if there were any builds of deathtrap dungeon, thunderhawk 3, fighting force or blood omen knocking about the offices as they wouldve passed through the qa department at some point if there was atleast an alpa version made but he said there was nothing so he...
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    Pdsaga swap trick question..

    Thanks. I will enjoy it. When I eventually get hold of it
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    Pdsaga swap trick question..

    Who said I was an enthuiast? I just got the machine. And it was given to me unexpectedly. Im quite pleased with it and enjoying the games Ive got so far but I literally havent got any cash to spend on it at the moment having just lost my job so Im just looking for the best games to download for...
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    Pdsaga swap trick question..

    Really? Thats great news! Im excited now. Was really hoping Id be able to play this game :)))
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    Pdsaga swap trick question..

    I heard you cant use the swap trick on multiple disc games, something about it needing to detect the door opening and closing. Wondering if itd work if I had my saturn opened up so i could release the door switch after id done the swap to load disc 1, maybe messing with it somewhat if i had to...
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    Bootdisc question

    Ive heard about a boot disc but havent got hold of it yet. I know you still need to do the swap trick if your saturn aint modded, thats ok. Im just wondering if the boot disc allows you to play imports without having to change the region on the iso, basically cos i wouldnt mind running my games...
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    Any other way to save?

    Yeah. Really enjoying it Like elemental gimmick gear on dc, but more fun Some of the dialogues a bit dodgy, what with the girls only being 14! but thats the japanese for you
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    Any other way to save?

    Im surrounded by morons!! I assumed when i got the saturn, the battery that was already in was atleast the right way up!! Just tried putting my new one in 'upside down' and now it works fine! I bet they did that on purpose just to trick me. Bastards! Well, time to get into Magic Knight Rayearth... )
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    Any other way to save?

    Hi, Ive just picked up an old saturn and thought the battery was dead as i have to reset the clock when i power on, and games dont stay saved when i power off but im having the same problem with my new battery so there must be something else knackered. I was wondering if there's some cart thing...