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    Fellow 3do fans

    Yeah .....look at ebay you'll see how many ppl IN LOVE with that console ! :agree MANY
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    What video games are you playing at the moment?

    Metroid Fusion GBA as of Nov 8 ... level 4
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    PSO Disappearing?

    PSO ..... well ... I say EverQuest !
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    AMIGA CD 32

    so it's like 20$ US ... hmmm I am about to start collecting CD32 games :]
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    .Setting up the Burn

    I burn all my games at 24x ... no problems .... Anyone can tell me y 4x is better in anyway .... I mean in digitally all info on CD exact on 24x or 4x what's the point ...Thanks !
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    Gens being bitchy

    Just get latest ASPI from Adaptic site ...... 2.71 is latest !
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    FTP Advertisment :)

    Come on people someone actually download the file ?
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    Yeah I don't like 3 ... I use 2.8 ...
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    FTP Advertisment :)

    This is not FTP Client Advertisment it's my Personal animation ..... just about my FTP and SX in general
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    FTP Advertisment :)

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    FTP Advertisment :)

    Well FTPs are VERY popular BUT ... how to promote ?... I GOT ANSWER HERE: Waiting for tons of replys
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    Golden Axe

    I really like that game on my 286 PC with 33 Mhz .... I love Golden Axe 3 ..... BTW ... that game did not made in to 3D ..... something to think about !
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    Sonic The Hedgehog

    My First game on Genesis .... I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT MOMENT ...... FAN FOREVER !
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    Every Sega Fan Should Like This

    September 5, 2002 ..... realese day... I think
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    gah, stupid auction at ebay

    UPS Always work for me and I live in city with high UPS activity (Brooklyn)
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    burning the security track...

    I didn't really read above posts BUT ..YES it's possible !!! Heres HOW: New yamaha drive use SPECIAL CDS that have Extra die of some kind of burnable surface that can be not really burned but like melted in to some words (some graphics ... don't think so) So ... donno but nice I idea to have...
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    First new system purchase

    Well people C64 is that the same thing as Spectrum-ZX by Sincler ? .... I think it is ... I had that one looooooong time ago ,....and yes .... to ajast that head in tape player ......Oh
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    Looking for program to limit CPU usage when runnin

    Try to use Seftimage or Maya .. or some CAD Sofware ... for you my friend dnguyen800 ... I recommend you to get a nice FAN or ... if possible get nice ALLUMINUM case .. also if possible open you PC and let it stay like this ... you'll need to clean it like everywaeek ... easy just blow are...
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    Playing HALO ....totally HIGH ..... looks Okay .. playing normal .....
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    .. Does anyone can recommend any DVD+RW (not DVD-RW .. i don't really know what + means byt as far as i know it's better just - .. LOL)