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    Xai's Sega Sale

    Xai's Sega Sale Thanks! Well, I'm signing off for now. I guess earliest PM will get the goods. hehehehe
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    Xai's Sega Sale

    Xai's Sega Sale Just trying to sell them off before the parents toss them while I'm away. I wish I didn't have to :( Oh well, my loss is everyone else's gain. Oh, and there's already been a topic based on the modification of this saturn...
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    Xai's Sega Sale

    Xai's Sega Sale Woah, long time since I've been active on this message board. Anyway, I'm heading off to college next week and I definately need to clear some more space here at my house before I go (or else someone else is going to clear it for me) I figure I should sell my sega related items...
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    Selling a bunch of stuff

    Note: I'm not going to be around between June 12th till the 24th, I won't be able to send anything during that period of time. Those of you who have sent payment will receive tracking numbers on monday, they should appear on the tracking system late monday or tuesday.
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    Selling a bunch of stuff

    Doh, yea it's there as long as it comes with the box
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    Selling a bunch of stuff

    Most of them include the foam backliners (or are you talking about spinecards?) I'll go back and indicate which ones do later on, games listed with "Instructions" include manual.
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    Selling a bunch of stuff

    Sure thing, just PM me when you have everything figured out.
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    Selling a bunch of stuff

    $5 shipping, add $1 extra for each game. Prices are negotiable, if you have any questions just ask. Payment Methods - Money Order, Paypal Master System: Phantasy Star (Box, Cart, Instructions) $20 Sega Genesis: - Sega Saturn - USA: * Indicates Cracked Case World Series Baseball 98...
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    How hard is it to find/ does it exist

    It exists, don't know any exact numbers on how many were made tho.
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    ... I haven't been active anywhere for a long time. Found this emu while browsing at zophar's domain. They have a downloadable beta at their homepage, I was wondering if any of you guys heard of it and if any of you have tried it yet.
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    Merry Christmas All!

    Hey, merry x-mas to everyone from Hawaii, been a while since I've posted here. Anyway, hope you all have a nice day and I wish everyone luck in the new year
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    Bomberman Online Cover

    It's no problem, thanks for your help!
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    Attention 64 pin Saturn owners.;t=4602 Worked on my Model 1 64-pin, shouldn't be any different on a model 2 64-pin.
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    Turbo CD Games Don't know if it's complete, but it's pretty good.
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    It Works!

    They're too L33T to use their brains Edit: Of course, I've been known to ask a common question or two as well ehehehe, people seem to grow out of it over time.
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    What was the first Saturn game you played?

    Panzer Dragoon, was hooked after playing it
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    1st Change at SX

    Yea I know, I'm just pointing out that there are atleast two games you can still order from the original company that brought the game to the US. Don't know why they price it so high, but yea...
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    1st Change at SX

    Food for thought... You can still order Magic Knight Rayearth direct from Working Designs, they translated the game, if you buy it from them they still get the money for their work. Yet you'll notice that Magic Knight Rayearth is one of the...
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    1st Change at SX

    Noticed it as well... Looks like there's a storm brewing.... That being said, I'm not sure what went on in the FTPA forum, but if it has to do with the pirating of more recent works and such, well there's really no place for it over here. Is this also the reason the FTPA page listing is gone...
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    Dragon Force questions

    I would assume that all the cd prints are equal because when there is rarity among prints working designs does state which ones are rarest (see the segacd version of lunar details at their webpage, they show the cd images in order by rarity). People on ebay will mark anything as rare just to get...