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    Worst game ever

    Burning Rangers!!!!!! , its not a crap. why say that? its a great game with great graphics and great effects.
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    Double Switch

    Who is the grunge band who appears on the game?, cuz the song rocks. anyone know the name of the band, to me this band its something like stone temple pilots or pearl jam...
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    Problem with GENS

    nothing happends, in cadillacs and dinosaurs, the game frezze on the sonic SEGA logo, and in revenge of the ninja the game frezze after the sonic SEGA logo, i dont know why, and when i play snatcher it came perfectly all the game. i dont play directly from the cd, i loaded from a iso + mp3
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    Problem with GENS

    somebody help please. i have cadillacs and dinosaurs, and revenge of the ninja in the format iso + mp3, and i cant play it, i dont know why, the mp3 files are correct and the iso too, i rename the mp3 (cadillacs.iso, cadillacs 02.mp3) like the readme file says and i dont know whats wrong...
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    3D video card

    hey guys, i need to upgrade my pc, i got $100 bucks to spend in a 3d video card, but i am not sure what video card are the best for that price, any sugestions!
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    CD-I Philips

    Anyone know??
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    MSN Messenger

    what im trying to say is: how can i know when i'm block or ban or with out admision of one person of "msn messenger"??? sombody know a patch for the msn to know when i'm block?? thanx
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    MSN Messenger

    Anyone...? How ton know when i 'm ban or without admision in the MSN messenger??? some program or...........something else?? thanx
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    What song are you listening to?...continued

    sparta - cut your ribbon Emo boy
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    Dreamcast Trobleshoting

    any new ideas with my old same problem???................ ???
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    saturn controller on comp

    any other page to see how can convert step by step a sat controller to a pc controller. i dont really understand the diagram.
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    What was the first Saturn game you played?

    astal... but i buy the saturn for Dragon Force.
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    Where are you from...?

    Sonora, Mexico. Hola a todos !!!!
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    Rarest Item and rarest original Sat Game you have.

    well, mmmmmm let me see: rare games: Final fight Revenge jap Snatcher SS jap Shining Force III (1) (euro release, <i'm from Mexico>) Shingin Force III (2) jap X-men vs Street fighter jap Marvel vs street fighter jap Advanced V.G. jap Tengai Makyo 4 jap bomber man wars jap bomber man...
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    3D video card

    somebody can recomend me a 3d video card to buy, cause i dont know much of hardware things. I wanna be ready to play halo, mgs2, ut2003 and other upcoming games who need a really powerfull 3d engine. thanks. :woah:
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    Got a great deal

    Sega Cd: 220 US dlls Lunar Eternal Blue: 69 USdlls Snatcher: 17 USdlls Have years of unlimited Fun downloading more and more games for the net "Priceless"
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    Final Fantasy 7 for the Sega Saturn

    Somebody Remember the translatation from the psx to the Sega Saturn of FFVII, here in Sega Xtreme was a link to the page of the people who was working in that project. what happen to that?
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    Eternal champions

    i play it, it look like sega genesis version, but with better graph and the first sega cd game with 256 colors in screen (i think its the only one) its a great game, cool fatalities,and great cinemas with a lot of secret fighters. I think its one of the best fighters titles for the sega cd and...
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    Rpg's, i just don't get them....

    Rpg's, i just don't get them.... This is your problem, you begin with the wrong foot in the rpg's territory, "Shining Force III" c'mon it's a great game but just a litle strong or slow for a "fighter or action player" you know what i mean. I sugest "Panzer Dragoon Saga" this its the game for...
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    Saturn games that suck!

    funky head boxer!!!! i dont have words to this game...