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    Let's localize Bomberman Fight!!

    You will likely need to patch the Track 1.bin file. I use the Sega Saturn Patcher which takes care of this for you, but here are all the MD5 and SHA-1 codes anyway: Saturn Bomberman Fight!! (Japan) (Track 01).bin Crc fed7b242 Md5 a04389c705767f9e56e48d168c618a36 Sha1...
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    Genesis Roms List?

    Seconding the notion. Also wondering if those dumps happen to include games made by indie developers
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    Silhouette Mirage - English Patch

    It's me again! I confirmed that your 0.9 patch works on the Pheobe ODE. I even ensured to patch the 1.03 version, not Rev A. No need to separate tracks in the Patcher
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    Silhouette Mirage - English Patch

    Nice! Now, I had a hard time getting the 0.73 patch to work on my Phoebe ODE -- I couldn't get it to load past the Tutorial -- but that could be that either I patched the wrong version of Silhouette Mirage, or I simply need to update the firmware on my Phoebe. Fingers crossed that I don't have...