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    Virus coding course condemned

    Akuma --> I don't get why they worry. Isn't that the same as someone learning how a virus infects a human? Doctors learn those things, but most don't go around trying to kill people. Then again I guess its more easy to write code than to manufacture agents.
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    Correct Mal! He means to say they are a manufacture/wholesaler for larger scale companies. While technically they can sell to anyone, they probably won’t give a rats ass if you’re trying to order a 1 piece unit from them. Let alone from a far away country. If your not in big business, think...
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    Heh, as a whole I don't take the internet seriously.
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    *shrugs* I don't mind at all. I just skip over the non-topic content.
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    Well, people started writing stuff which didn't help the original post which was regarding how to get something (Powerup?) in a game.
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    果您想要複製自由電動遊戲, 您能使用 論壇。 在SegaExtreme 他們允許人複製比賽為自由!
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    請把主題換成 "中文討論區" 我都用南極性打字不過你要會Pinyin。如果不是 ﹐我不知道怎麼幫你。 我還未找到粵語typing software。只有一次我在看電視﹐看人在chatroom打字用廣੘ 1;話發音。嗯﹐我想問你﹐你哪兒在香港住嗎。我今ॲ 0;夏季四個禮拜住在九龍﹐真是好玩﹐也有 154;可真會打拳皇。 其實我都住在加拿大人(多倫多 ﹐只是我剛 165;辦到日本今年做生意﹐明年回加拿大。
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    Maybe he could be asking for help in the game? Trying to derive something out the rough translation of babelfish is kind of fun. I think i've found a new pasttime[/b] Or you can just write Chinese like this, which screws crappy translators up. 我用南極星繁體,先在WP上打字﹐然後複製到這裡
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    Looking for modded Model 2...

    Offical sticks are just as "clicky" and crummy as the non-offical ones. The only diffrence is, with non-offical brands, you can get custom sticks which use real arcade components (replaceable), which also support a wider range of systems. I have both, and the custom designed stick is by far...
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    VGR & SX

    VGR & SX Reasonable request from a reasonable person! Sounds good.
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    anyone know

    Another FYI, They can't charge you for incoming messages. They can't keep track of them, and plus with all the spam it would be silly to charge people since there would be no way to stop the charges of all these unsolisited letters.
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    New buy/sell/trade idea...

    Uh... the last time I checked, the administration who contributed here in the past didn't ask for a dime. And all they got for their invested time and work was the middle finger, and a F*ck you later card.
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    New buy/sell/trade idea...

    Uh, the last time I checked VGR was still in beta. But correct me if I'm wrong So of course its not at full power. Crips, they didn't even try yet! And, if Iceman had credit card fraud with his store before, just wait till you see what kinds of L33T people he attracts now. Almost all the...
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    wtb: silver Japanese Saturn

    Well, I don't see you getting one cheaper than $100. There isn't any point when people WITH money are willing to pay for that, without shipping, on ebay. Same with the more saught after While consoles.
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    Black DC cases?

    No, as far as mainstream stores your out of luck. But for "other" stores, you can get them in almost any color. Like cell phones.
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    Street Fighter Alpha 2 / Street Fighter Zero 2

    I can't stand people who blame all losses to button mashing. Simply because if you were a player with any experience, button mashers wouldn't even be a round. More like a free cut-scene. All you do is block his crazy attempts, and during his recover time, counter with supers or a long chain...
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    BEST SF2 Champion Edition conversion....

    I doubt it. If thats all it took to get a thread closed or people banned, this place would have been axed long time ago with the FTP Forum.
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    "All your base are belong to us"

    What a stupid thread.
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    Do mod chips work on PAL Saturns

    Why the heck wouldn't the mod work on a PAL unit?!?
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    can anyone reccomend this?

    I hate most anime because most anime is lame. The only people who like them are those messed up people who have no lives and join Anime clubs to be cool.