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  1. dibz

    Sword and Sorcery/Lucienne's Quest.

    Having owned a 3DO for a long time - when it was new still - this was a game I long wanted but never picked up, and I no longer own a 3DO. Would love to see a translation for the Saturn.
  2. dibz

    Post your riced linux setup

    When you commonly have ~300 tabs it's the only way for the ones "in the middle" to ever be seen lol.
  3. dibz

    Post your riced linux setup

    Sure, why not. Three monitors, so you have to imagine bezels between the three obvious screens.
  4. dibz

    What are you listening to?

  5. dibz

    Korean Samsung Saturn BIOS v1.02a

    Funny thing is I actually released the first known dump of a particular BIOS version on this very forum 20+ years ago, when I was still a teenager. :D
  6. dibz

    saturn screwdriver trick

    Honestly new posts on informational threads like this are only a good thing IMHO, as long as they're relevant. ;)
  7. dibz

    SegaCD: Time Gal

    Kind of makes you wish there was a time gal / dragon's lair / space ace-esque game for Dirty Pair. Or Gunsmith Cats. Or Bubblegum Crisis.
  8. dibz

    Mobile Suit Gundam (English 0.6b)

    If you'd like this can still be a resource under translations like the others, the download doesn't actually have to be hosted here. We can just set the download to your gdrive link as external instead (it's an option when creating resources). Then this could be the discussion thread for it. Up...
  9. dibz

    Is there a Lunar SSS patch that obviates the need for the MPEG card?

    Should just upload that to the resources section... :)
  10. dibz

    The Simpsons: Virtual Bart

    Game of the "week or so because I forgot" The Simpson's: Virtual Bart! Chosen not for the quality, or the nostalgia, no, it was sitting on my shelf because it's one of my wife's favorite games. Yes, really. Honestly it's not as terrible of a game as you'd think so long as your expectations...
  11. dibz

    Saturn Screenshots (interlaced and hi-res games)

    I guess I'm not entirely sure what your goal is here and what you mean by accurate? Seems to me entirely disabling deinterlacing -- assuming you can -- and capturing that would be the most "accurate". It sounds like SSF probably deinterlaces by doubling the fields, which is a nicer way to do...
  12. dibz

    SX Appreciation Thread

  13. dibz

    SX Appreciation Thread

    I think you mean, <b>HTML?</b><hr><marquee>Get off my lawn.</marquee>
  14. dibz

    SX Appreciation Thread

    P.S. I fixed/added Giphy support just for this reply lol.
  15. dibz

    J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation

    I patched it just fine. Maybe @Knight0fDragon might know? The two basics that come to mind to check are: Make sure you're using a clean image or disc to start with, not a previously patched image/disc. Check your temp folder and clear out anything SSP related.
  16. dibz

    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    For the castlemania thing, it's because they used a different chip then they were supposed to so they have a custom "castlemania-only" firmware. If you go to the Fenrir discord, in the #beta-firmware channel, you can get an updated firmware for it. It'll be the one with "castlemania" in the...
  17. dibz

    Yakuza: Like a Dragon

    Hmm, Skies of Arcadia I suppose. Also, Sega's owned Atlus since late 2013, so I guess you could say all of the newer Persona/Etrian Odyssey/Shin Megami Tensei/Soul Hackers games are Sega RPGs.
  18. dibz

    Yakuza: Like a Dragon

    Newer then most (all?) of our games of the month/week/day/whenever-we-feel-like-it. Yakuza: Like A Dragon is a personal favorite of mine, and was actually my entry into the Yakuza series. The game is a rather crazy take on the classic Dragon Quest formula with many references to DQ in the game...
  19. dibz

    Hour+ documentary about Bug!

    I started watching this yesterday, it's pretty good!
  20. dibz

    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    That would be my guess, though I'm not much of a hardware person. You could always visually inspect it, check the cables, etc.