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    Where Can I Get A Saturn Mod chip

    do NOT buy from consoleking there a bunch of tossers, i bought a chip from them and it didnt work, they have send out 4 replacment chips and none of those worked either, and now the 4th one got sent back to them, over 2 weeks ago and still no working replacment or refund as i requested, and thay...
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    where do you recommend getting a mod-chip

    same here, i wouldnt even recommend consoleking (or video gamecompany what ever the prats call them selves now) to my worst enemy. Had 4 chips of them and not one of them has worked properly. and contacting them is a nightmare as, They either take ages to reply to emails, ignore them or you...
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    MDK2 Wallpaper

    why to the links to the mdk2 wallpaper redirect to a warez toplist site