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    JVC X'EYE S-Video mod-How do you do it?

    check out this thread...
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    Rez OST

    Great soundtrack, two complaints though. The tracks are VERY different from the in game tracks. Also, that damn CD is expensive! (yes I actually bought my copy a long time ago).
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    Sega Genesis/SCD combo failing

    A) it'd be odd to have 2 completely independent SCD's with bad lasers respectively (the second isn't even my SCD) B) the SegaCD won't boot, let alone get to the BIOS screen for me to load a disk or play anything.
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    Site Update

    Well it had a white BG for a couple days... thank God that was changed. I have to agree with Akuma on the green bar thing as well. It's very abrasive and glaring... Other then that it seems good for the most part.
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    Sega Genesis/SCD combo failing

    that's what I'm thinking as well. I think there is a problem with the Genny's talking over the expansion port.
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    Sega Genesis/SCD combo failing

    So I thought I've dealt with every problem so far with a Genesis... but this one caught me off guard. AND it happend to BOTH my Genesis's (1 model 1, and a model 2) So: Both Gennys get power and work. I can play any game on them just fine. Even when I hook them up to any of my SegaCDs they...
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    FS JVC X'eye

    It is the Mondays!!!!!!
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    FS JVC X'eye

    sounds perfectly fair.
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    FS JVC X'eye

    oh wait... I just read it includes the blue justifier and ram cart. I'll give you 110 for it right now!
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    FS JVC X'eye

    Weird as all hell... I came here to SX to request this badboy... haven't been here in some time and thought I'd give it a try. low and behold you've got on to sell. I was looking to pay 100 bones for it, I'm located in Florida. Let me know. ..... if kukzz wants it over me though... no prob...
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    fun fun game

    It looks like Fatal Fury for Game Gear... but the health bars are supposed to be at the bottom and the timer is very generic looking. Maybe it's the SMS version... if there is one. Or may beta or something. .... If that isn't it... then I'm at a lost. That screen shot really looks like it is...
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    Lunar: Silver Star Story (Another Backup CD Topic)

    I use an even older version then you: what are the details of the unexpected exception? Step by step... what I did (I ripped mine from a legite copy as bin/mp3). I named the files something distinct and easy in old DOS namespace. i.e. LunarSSS_SCD.bin Lunar_TRACK02.mp3 Lun...
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    Lunar: Silver Star Story (Another Backup CD Topic)

    You know why I like Nero? Because every CD-burner and DVD-burner in existence comes with it free, and it does the job pretty well. That and you don't have to convert the mp3's... it does it for you as long as your cue sheet is written properly. I've never used Sega Cue maker... for some reason...
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    SEGA 32x help

    Are you using the little seperator disk thing (its a piece of plastic that slips over the cartridge connector part so that the 32X doesn't wobble on the Genny2) Your sure to have the shielding plates in there too? I've owned 3 32Xs, one works fine, the other only works in black and white, and...
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    fun fun game

    It looks familiar... but I'm pretty sure it isn't JamesPond 2. In that you can distinguish he's a fish, but he's like wearing a metal chest plate.
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    Help - Stupid old cartridges

    The only Genesis Cart I've had go bad on me is Sonic 1, back in 1992 not even a year after I bought it. Damn sledgehammers... who'da thunk that would break my game? Strangely though... My Genesis stopped working like last week though. That pissed me off, and I don't feel like fixing it right...
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    fun fun game

    I believe that is an image of ShadowrunCD only released in Japan... I may be way off though, only played it for a little while years ago. [edit] ---IMAGE REMOVED BY MOBYGAMES--- heh! I'm pretty sure of it now after looking on MobyGames at the images... hrmm, my turn I guess. Give me a sec...
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    [Unreleased] Genesis : Edge 16

    I remember reading about this along with many other Sega add ons. They all sounded cool, but either never came out... or in the case of Sega Cable, never came to my area.
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    Ambitious Eternal Champions project!

    I won't flog you or nothing. But actually be a little nice. Careful saying stuff about your projects, you get some people hopes up, and others just... well... flog. Anyways, go for it. It may just fall through, but still do it. Years ago I started coming up with ideas. Fan based things, and...
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    How fast do you actually have to be going

    Well it depends on the state, county, and the cop. To get technical the law say you can't go over the speed limit. That is why it is a speed limit. Obviosily the first 3 or 4 miles over the speed limit is given as nobody is perfect. Over that though, it is to the disgression of the police...