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    haha, yeh..... i felt like a big dumb idiot right after i made that post... maybe i forget it was a nintendo thing... oh well, thanks
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    do u have any interest in the Virtual Boy system? can we start a section on that?
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    d2 game info

    can some one please tell me where i could get a DCI save file that would start me out on disc 3 of D2 - for dreamcast. or a spot near before or after that, but not at the end of the game......... i've looked everywhere online, but perhaps someone out there has a NEXUS memory card and could help...
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    I just don't get it.

    Taelon: your words make me sad, and also make me laugh. Arakon and ExCyber: your words make me laugh at Taelon. I make my words simple so Taelon can understand them, as simple as single packed compression files. Keep talking Taelon!!
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    haha, i know, loosers
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    How do I check the VMU?

    yes, please SKANK HIS MONKEY!
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    i hope the fact that no one responded doesn't mean that i listed all the compatible games...... what a worthless cord! (Edited by SWJedi101 at 5:53 am on Jan. 5, 2002)
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    can you people tell me what all games work with the link cable for connecting two DCs together (and i know about: virtual ON, F355, and Cap. vs. SNK already). or maybe a URL to where i can find this information. Gracias.
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    who here has done this........

    who here has been succesful in linking their DCs to thier PCs for internet access
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    to play online w/ the DC.........

    you need an ISP to connect online, and seganet to playonline, 2 seperate services, seganet does not let you conect online, correct?
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    Internet Free Access?

    can i use netzero or some free internet service to get online with my DC? if so, where can i get info on this, i know i have heard about it. thanks
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    Saturn 3D controller

    it requires both, so let us go and ready the gauss canon, away.....
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    burning rangers

    ahh yes, i figured it out..... i just extracted the ISO and burned the files, 2352 mode 1 with nero, thanks though
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    burning rangers

    it seems it needs a special way to burn it, i can;t figure it out, what do i do?
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    Another juicy problem for yall

    possible that i might be doing to much but i doubt it, and my PC is a home built 1.4 AMD w/ 256 DDR ram, so it should be fast enough......... i'll try some (more) different cdrs and see if they make a difference....... what do you use for your saturn games?
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    Another juicy problem for yall

    ok, lets say they sound funny, litter pops and scratches.....what should i do? what setings should i have them ripped into wavs at? winamp has options for the it says "44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stero, 172 KB/s", i could also select "48,000 Hz, 16 Bit, Stero, 188 KB/s" should i use that? what do...
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    Another juicy problem for yall

    okay, i burn games in bin/cue format and games work 100%, if there are iso/mp3 however i have tremodous problems with sound, i am doing the double swop, i am usign ez cd-pro 95', could it be in my wav converting? or something? what do you think
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    Saturn 3D controller

    that "clever" comment was already posted by "GreatSayamanGohan" ..... you should read above clever boy
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    DC game ----> Saturn...Nope?

    i am sorry for reviving this post, but god #### it... was this person banned?
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    thank you yall, but i have fixed it, so don't loose any more sleep. peace