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    Resident Evil (a.k.a. Bio Hazard)

    I did so multiple times to see all the endings, they where hardly excitingly different but still I did it ayway.
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    Resident Evil 2 Movie...

    Nemesis is the final boss of RE3, he is not in RE2 at all or any other RE game for that matter(except he might be in one of the gun survior games but I dont really count them) . He shows up many times in RE3, you dont really kill him when you meet up with him its more like you stun him...
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    I liked that also. I liked the fact that in most of the game it was your choice as to how you approched a situation. You could sneak around or go in all guns blazing. It was up to you how you tackled it.
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    Streets of Rage 3 (a.k.a. Bare Knuckle III)

    I prefer the first two, but its still an awesome game, partictularly if you play the original Bare knuckle 3 and not Streets of Rage 3 which contained some bad alterations to it.
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    Just got this recently, seems good so far from what I've played. Its a bit wierd but I tend to like weird
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    Am I the only one who thinks its stupid that sexual content should raise the rating any higher then it already was. So basically the ratings board are saying sex is worse then violence. I dont know about anyone else but I know which one I'd prefer to have more of in the world.
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    Exhumed / Power Slave for PC

    I've played it and it was pretty poor compared to the saturn version.
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    Streets of Rage 2 (a.k.a. Bare Knuckle II)

    Not just the best beat em up but the best game of all time in my opinion. I have played it through to completion so many times.
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    Japanese gamers get bonus w/ Sonic Gems

    Well I would have bought it almost entirely for sonic 3D, Including the Streets of rage game make the deal even better. I already own them but my mega drive is quite unreliable nowadays, plus its rarely set up. Certainly buying this now.
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    Sonic Rush DS Video!

    Yeah the game look good, can't wait. Whats with all this talk as if Sonic hasnt been in a side scrolling platfomer recently. There have been 3 on the Game boy Advance in the last few years.
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    Sonic RUSH for DS

    Heres a video of it in action, looks quite good
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    Sega classics on next gen consoles?!!!

    I think Sega banned any filming of the demos, there are supposed to be some really poor quality movie files somewhere filmed with a camera phone but I cant find them. There are some rumors that some of the demos where not running on PS3 or Xbox360 but on Sega's new Arcade hardware. I have to...
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    Sega's E3 page up

    Sega's E3 page up Sega have also shown some excellent sounding next gen demos. Shame there are no pictures/videos yet.
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    Nintendo Revolution

    I like the fact its going to let you download games from old Nintendo systems, I never owned any nintendo console before the gamecube (except handhelds).
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    Final Fight is BACK!!!!

    Looks like a generic PS2 action game to me. Another game with that dull gritty look. The gameplay however could be good, Capcom have been on great form with their recent output.
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    What game console do you own the most games for?

    A quick check of my collection on IGN reveals that the most I own is for my Mega Drive with 20. I have access to more then that but dont own them. I actually own more PC games then anything else but that obviously due to the PC being around for ages. That estimated value thing they put on IGN...
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    Virtua Cop 2

    So did the Saturn version
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    Favorite Cable News Channel

    Anything but Fox News, I cant stand that channel
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    What games have you bought lately?

    I recently bought Viewtiful joe 2 for GC and Guilty Gear XX Reload for PS2.
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    Just thought I'd mention this project to make an online encyclopedia on all things gaming. The site uses the same system as Wikipedia so anyone can add and edit information. I've added a few pages myself. I think its a really good project, and the more contributers they get better, There loads...