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    Sega Saturn

    Hi peeps i live in the UK and i wish to buy a modded sega saturn one that will play imports,backups but also will have a 50/60 switch. where can i get one or does any one have 1 for sale. Thanks. Atolmuk.
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    Dreamcast reset problem.

    Thanks but do you have a guide at all cos im a novice at this and really dont want to break my Dreamcast. Thanks. Atolmuk.
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    Dreamcast reset problem.

    Hi peeps i need some advice my Dreamcast bless her is getting old :-( and recently after playing on her for a few hours she will reset her self right in the middle of a game usually after i complete a difficult part in a game. I've cleaned the lazer lens and it still resets im hoping its not...
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    Panzer Dragoon Saga

    Hi peeps i live in the uk and i own a copy of panzer dragoon saga (PAL) unfortunatly it was bought years ago second hand for a christmas present. But it doesnt have its cardbord outer sleeve does any one have a uk pal sleeve they want to sell as i am desperatly looking for one that is in very...
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    Hi peeps can some one please help me i have downloaded Radiant Silvergun from the website e!portal the only thing is how do i burn it to CD as the .rar fle just contains tons of seprate CDA files and so on. The zipped file extention isnt acturally .rar it is named .iso so do i just burn the...
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    Uk sega saturn modifiers.

    Hey peeps ive been looking for the past couple of days for a company that will chip and give my saturn multi reigion support and i have found one. Another World this company i personally think they are reliable i have brought a couple of psx imports from them and there wasnt any trouble. Atolmuk.