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    If you're looking for a good rpg on the saturn, and don't mind spending the money, head for the rarer imports. My picks : Chaos seed, shin megami Tensei, Tengai makyou, meltylancer. Panzer saga is an incredible game, if you come across the game ( good luck ), don't hesitate, buy it. If you...
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    What is your favorite "Underdog" game?

    Mazin saga ! Ranger X !
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    other than PDS and SFIII....

    Here's a list of the best saturn rpg's, in my humble opinion : Langrisser 4, Chaos seed ( the most underrated saturn rpg ! Very steep lurning curve, beware ! ), Shin megami Tensei aka Soul hackers ( my first choice, excellent, excellent rpg ), Tengai Makyou the apocalypse 4, puyo puyo ( not puyo...