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    Please help me find the name of a game

    OK guys, I've done some searching and I found what's probably the game I'm looking for: The Immortal It's has an isometric view, and the fact that it has a lot of gore supports the fact that it was banned here. The cover is not the one I remember, but I don't think that means much, since they...
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    Please help me find the name of a game

    It's certainly not Duke Nukem. Does anyone know where I can download a zip file with all the cover for Genesis games? I guess I'll have to look one by one
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    Please help me find the name of a game

    Thanks for your help, but it's none of them. The cover is like the one of the Skeleton Crew, but the skull doesn't have that futuristic eye, and it has kind of a medieval touch to it. If I remember correctly, the game had something to do with you being the Death, but I'm not sure about it.
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    Please help me find the name of a game

    There's a game that I saw in a brazilian gaming magazine back in 1997 or so that had a review of a game that was forbidden here for its violent content. I don't remember the name of the game, just that it had a big skull in the cover. I also think that the game's view was kind of isometric, but...
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    Can someone help?

    Try I'm not sure if what they have is a full list, but it's great nonetheless
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    Tectoy Saturn

    Actually, they are (or at least they used to be) something like "Sega Brasil", they are (or used to be) officially linked to Sega, like Gradiente used to be with Nintendo. And although Tec Toy apparently still produces Saturn and Dreamcast, I can only find SMS and Mega Drive for sale. BTW...
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    Need some info about USA receipts

    See, the thing is, I live in Brazil, and here I can't pick up a Dreamcast at that price. Even with the shipping, it's still cheaper to buy at eBay, but I can only do that if I can get a legal receipt for the usual brazilian bureaucracy. If anyone knows an online store that sells Dreamcast for...
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    Need some info about USA receipts

    I intend to buy a Dreamcast at eBay, but for taxes reasons I need a legal receipt of the purchase, with the actual value of the system, not the original value. I was wondering if it's easy to get one of that in the US (since I'll probably buy from someone living there). Thanks
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    outrun 2... xbox only... WOOOOOO

    IMHO I think Sega should release games for as many systems as possible, so more people would know them, and maybe in the future if Sega decides to release a new system, more "casual" gamers would know Sega and buy its system Not that I care about people that buy something just because of the...
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    Does anyone have the SEGA shout thingy?!

    Thanks Akuma! It's really nice to hear that voice again
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    Hundred Hand Slap

    OMG, this guy is freaking insane! He must have played that hundreds of time to get that timing (or he's a very skilled piano player)
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    Saturn game quality

    Well, there's always the possibility of some of the quality of the game being lost when someone tries to compress the game (but I guess that only happens with movies). But I think that this difference you noticed is because the screenshots you saw were taken from an emulator, and I've heard...
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    What's your favorite Sega Arcade Game?

    What's your favorite Sega Arcade Game? Daytona with multi-link! I was great at that game I remember I used to make laps at the 16 seconds mark in the Beginner course
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    What brought you to the SX forums?

    A few months ago I succesfully emulated a few isos from SegaCD that I really missed (I sold mine like 7 or 8 years ago to buy my Saturn) and I heard about people who downloaded games from the internet and played them in the real console... Since there are LOTS of Saturn games that were never...
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    I have a cravin for some rpgs

    Well, there are the Black Isle's RPGs for PC, like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and my favorite of them: Planescape Torment Lately I've been playing Panzer Dragoon Saga for Saturn, but it's too damn short... I got to CD 2 after 2 hours and a half of game play
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    Saturn Battery

    I don't remember the brand of the battery that first came with my Saturn, but it lasted around two years and a half and boy how I used my Saturn at that time. Then I got a Panasonic one and it lasted around the same amount of time, even thought I played very little during that time. Now I'm...
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    Need help with Burning Rangers

    Yes, the one I was using was Iso+mp3 But yesterday I downloaded another iso from a server listed in the FTP section and it worked fine after I converted it to 2048 using Cdmage. By the way, this new rip I downloaded was bin+cue Thanks for everyone who helped
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    Need help with Burning Rangers

    Sega Cue Maker says it's Mode 1 2352, but when I try to open it in Cdmage using that information, it says it's not Also, when I divide the size of the iso per 2352, I don't get an integer number, so I don't think it's really 2352.
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    Need help with Burning Rangers

    I've recently download Burning Rangers from the SegaXtreme hub and I burned it right away, but it goes straight up to the cd player screen. My Saturn is modded, but even if someone wonders, it doesn't seem that the system is trying to read the protection ring, since there isn't that lens moving...
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    Saturn Manuals

    There's also ElPortal: They have 63 saturn manuals, in many different languages.