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    modboard help..

    if u r looking for a bit of saturn help try here ive used him loads of times hes a top dude always has stuff and will probs be able to help u out.
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    im kinda a shooter freak myself and must admit that rs generally pips ikaruga on a few fronts the game is longer and more defined u kinda know what u need to do on rs where as ikaruga is just straight in .i like the novel idea of flipping your ship to boost fire power,its a nice touch .there...
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    Which Racing game?

    point taken taelon ive got re-volt and played it just didnt do it 4 me ~(graphic wise) i like a more demanding game ie rallying or on the lines of gt3 u have an opinion and a right to it dude but re-volt wasnt the first remote control car game rc de go springs to mind on the ps1 they were...
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    Which Racing game?

    the topical question was "which racing game-graphically" my opinion is that re-volt is no way up to standards of all the other racing games mentioned and i think that is what is being asked here, as for going on about different systems some of the games on dc are better than whats on ps2...
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    Which Racing game?

    i have a cube taelon and its no where near as good as an xbox(cube is good dont get me wrong and nintendo make excellent games but xbox just wipes floor with it) but how can re-volt be considered traditional racing its just remote control car racing im not playing down the dreamcast i really...
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    Which Racing game?

    all these games metioned are top quality games and they all play different and have different themes so its up to individual in what preferance they like f355 is just racing round a track thats it tx series racing from point to point rush 2049 has more elements than both these and is more...
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    how many think sega will come out with a

    piracy helps a system no end these days most people i know want even touch a system unless u can copy the games,and this is what brought sega down theyd thought they had the perfect system and nobody could crack it how wrong they were, dont get me wrong i like the dreamcast a lot its got some...
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    Cue sheet needed

    eidrian dude use discjuggler 4 it dont need a cue file at all and it will burn it off perfectly i do all me games that are in bin format with this software its the tops ,
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    PAL/NTSC Issues

    its your tv it wont accept 60 hz frequency without rolling no cure for that dude other than buy a new tv or maybe adjust the horizontal / vertical inside your tv ull find them all tvs have them. but i doubt that will help its really down to your tv not able to accept 60 hz so it must be a...
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    Thunder Force V

    ive no idea where this series started or originated from as there is no thunderforce 1 but heres list of others thunderforce 2 megadrive 1989 thunderforce ac (arcade) 1990 thunderforce 3 megadrive 1990 thunderforce 4 megadrive 1992 thunderforce 5 saturn/psx 1996/7 the goldpacks for...
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    Best Saturn Games?

    fav games on saturn in no order radiant silver (its good but i dont think it warrants such a high price tag i mean come on its just a game) salamander delux pack gradius delux pack sonic jam battle garrega yep mainly shmups games but thats what i bought my saturn for as no other system...
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    KyuKyoku Tiger 2

    its a good game if u like shooters not as good as the first one but its better graphics and sound but just dosent cut it like the first one,still its a good addition to the saturn shooter collection.its also available to play on mame ,with some graphic glitches. i recommend trying to get...
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    read svcd with the saturn vcd card

    the vcd card is excellent i have one and its got some nice menu system stuff u can zoom in also and do picture n picture sort of its an all round card wont ever play svcd shame really but the quality is still good on vcd and unfortunately im having to sell mine cause im totally broke its...
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    What's your favorite game?

    What's your favorite game? ahhh what about the amiga or atari st they had some great games on them also c64 spectrum amstrad amiga =rick dangerous 1&2, speedball2,beast,raindow islands atari st =super sprint ,goldrunner ,mouse trap,sidewinder spectrum = head over heals,sweevos...
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    Rarest Item and rarest original Sat Game you have.

    dont think pal versions of quake and sonic jam are rare i could pick both those up for around 10 uk pounds if its rare its gonna cost u losts of money not a few quid/dollars for yanks amongst us. what would be considered as rare anyway just cause u dont see it every day dont mean its rare...
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    San Francisco Rush

    sonic there was a pc version and it did come with the card u mention,but ive never come across the game and i have plenty of pc games, what u actually got with the card are these games a mate of mine bought one way back in `98 San Fransisco Rush the Rock Alcatraz Edition NFL Blitz Gex: Enter...
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    r-type leo

    i could have hosted a few mame roms for u but alas i havent got my adsl line anymore so im on dial up at the moment the only other place u can get roms is get a good news server and get your self on the binaries groups plenty of roms to be had there ,and there updated and posted often enough...
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    Famicom G-CD Unit.

    the cd unit is an all in one u dont need a snes as its already built in u just load games from cd,also there is no memory or any way to save game states from what i have read,i may be wrong,it actually has a doctor sf7 32meg built in to it,not sure how good these were as i have an wild card 32...
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    r-type leo

    r-type leo is available to play on mame has been for a while now.but it works with full sound its a good addition to the r-type series.but can never surpase the original game ,when i ever i stick mame on its the first game i go for ,u should also try the pc engine/turbo graphix version out...
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    Rarest Item and rarest original Sat Game you have.

    my rarest game would have to be deep fear pal version non games its got to be my vcd cartridge which is an excellent bit of kit shame it dont play svcd`s though.