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    Translating Culdcept: notes, tutos, calls for help

    Hi everyone, Following the acquisition of the original disc, I explored a bit the content of the card/board-RPG game "Culcept" and found out that it "might be" relatively easy and straightfoward to translate it to english. In the following thread I will post updates about my finds, but also...
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    My pleasure, thanks for all your hard work on this incredible tool.
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    If I enter the official ffenrir firmware from the PSKai menu, the behaviour that I observe is the following: - I put the cursor on the empty directory, then push button A. - Nothing happens, but no crash. - I can continue to navigate in/out other directories, I just cannot enter the empty one...
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Hi. A potential bug, if anyone can reproduce it. - Kai v6.541, downloaded from ppcenter website. - fenrir 21 pin, FW 1.5.5 (as reported in kai menu) 1. I created a directory named "04_Homebrew" in the SD root. 2. I kept the directory EMPTY. 2. After booting, I try to enter the empty directory...
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    Staples corrosion or the nonsense of keeping games sealed ?

    Hi, To make it short, manual staples get corroded with time. And no one can stop time... This may be an intersting topic for those collecting original games. So, below is a discussion about this issue. I launch this subject here because I expect some members to have observed the issue, and I'm...
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    Every Dreamcast Game Ever Youtube Series

    Hi @Retro Muel , I enjoyed your video, you did a nice job. Some suggestion for next episodes : my only disappointment was the lack off description of most obscure japanese games. Today it is actually quite easy to find manual scans and translate them with DeepL to get more information about the...
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    Stellar Assault SS English localization project

    I played A LOT the 32x version and love your work on this Saturn reboot. The high quality voice acting really brings something more to this game. Many thanks to all contributors for the time you dedicated to this project. Really appreciated.
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    Looking for Beta Testers for

    @Madroms : count me in. I'm using regularly your website since a decade to check for serials, and full packages content.
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    SEGA Saturn 28th Anniversary Game Competition - Discussion Thread

    @vbt I'm gonna let the saturn play this all night, I'm sure at the 1000th loop some easter egg will unlock ! :)
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    SEGA Saturn 28th Anniversary Game Competition - Discussion Thread

    @XL2 What I'm experiencing on my real hardware right now feels so "iréel" !!!!!! You made my Christmas, this is one of my prefered game.
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    Question about US Saturn with PAL games

    Admitting that you have a method to bypass the region lock. All PAL games will work on a NTSC saturn in 60 HZ flawlessly to the exception of a few "PAL optimized" games in which display optimisations have been hard coded. You can find the complete list of PAL games and their 60Hz compatibility...
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    HELLSLAVE : Project Z-Treme

    I confirm this solved the issue. Thanks ! And by the way, for me it also solved it for some old homebrew ISO such as Rocking-B releases. ;)
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    HELLSLAVE : Project Z-Treme

    Hi, I subscribed here to confirm that I get the exact same issue. I'm using the bin/cue v0.361 downloaded from segaxtreme. To complete @luis answer here is what I observed. - the problems appears whatever is the console is switched in 50 or 60 Hz. - the game boots to a black screen when using...