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    New THUNDERFORCE Coming Soon!

    Doesn't seem right it being on PS2. I've got the Japanese versions of II, III, IV and V on MD and Saturn so will probably end up grudgingly buying the new one anyway. :)
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    Just happened across the site, I was a regular on here many years ago - and my login still works! I'll be reading what you've all got to say and participating in some SEGA goodness like the old days :w00t:
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    What Continent do you hail from?

    I'm from England, but we get lumped in with Europe. Currenty America would be more appropriate.
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    3 word stories

    bought from Guido in Guatemala
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    What's the best free VCD player for PC?

    What's the best free VCD player for PC? Maybe it depends on how they are encoded or something? I've got Lord of the Rings and the full Ulysses 31 series and the .dat files work in WMP, they're the only ones I tried though. I'm not very knowledgable on video encoding.
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    What's the best free VCD player for PC?

    What's the best free VCD player for PC? If you browse the disc for the .dat files you can open them in Windows Media Player.
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    Listing of games where you are the bad guy?

    Spawn: In the Demon's Hand - Spawn kind of blurs the boundary between good and bad.
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    Listing of games where you are the bad guy?

    The Carmageddon series and Chakan the forever man spring to mind.
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    What OS do you use currently

    Win XP Pro SP1, seems to like me cos it's really stable and reliable.
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    What is your occupation?

    The most frustrating part of testing was pointing out that an aspect of a game (or indeed the entire product) was flawed, only to be ignored because someone in a nice suit in a big office who's never played a game in their life sets the deadlines. Ridiculously short development cycles and tight...
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    What is your occupation?

    Did you have anything to do with Outcast? That game is sweet. Never got the recognition it deserved. I've heard that Outcast 2 is on delay indefinately, which sucks. I was so excited when I heard it was coming.[/b] Most of the testing on Outcast was done over in France, I briefly tested...
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    What's your favorite Sonic game

    What's your favorite Sonic game Heheh! On Sonic 1 we used to have a speed challenge to see who could finish stage 1-1 fastest. If I remember right I got 27 seconds.
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    What is your occupation?

    Until recently I was a tester at Infogrames, but that unfortunately came to an end. Maybe it's a good thing cos when you play games anything from 40-80 hours a week it puts you off turning the Dreamcast on when you get home. Now I work for an ISP called PlusNet, testing to keep their websites...
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    What's your favorite Sonic game

    What's your favorite Sonic game I'm going off topic a bit, but hey... You reminded me of something. Years ago the only MegaDrive game I had was Thunder Force III, my friend and I used to play it constantly and got so good we could both complete it on 'Mania' level without losing a life. We...
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    Whats your favorite Freeware Programs?

    Ultimate Zip SmartFTP CD Record Pop-up Stopper WinMX Direct Connect
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    It's among the best DC homebrew so far I was sat listening to Crazy Comets last night and enjoying a warm, nostalgic glow I hope BigBoy continues work on his C64 emulator for DC...
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    DDR Max 2 7th Mix Question

    We got 2 dance mats, a few beers, then went on to have one of the most hilarious nights I've ever experienced... until the neighbours came down and complained about the laughter.
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    transbot and teddy boy

    Yeah, you're right Come to think of it I may be wrong about Great Soccer being released on card.
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    Genesis Soundtracks

    I think it was probably Yuzo Koshiro, he did SOR 1+2, Slap Fight and Super Shinobi on MegaDrive, and on SNES Actraiser and Super Adventure Island. As for requests, I'd like Midnight Resistance and Vapor Trail.
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    Sonic CD

    AFAIK they are identical.