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    Sonic 2's lost Genocide City Zone

    Sonic 2's lost Genocide City Zone Ever wondered about that mysterious "Genocide City" that could be seen in the prototype level select of Sonic 2? I've just uploaded the one and only known concept drawing from this level, as well as the very first concept of the Metropolis Zone. Enjoy...
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    No Shenmue 3? Ever?

    ...With a big WTF ending.
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    Does anybody own Riglordsaga?

    Sure, have you gotten it already?
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    Getting inside unreleased game.

    Me too.
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    Does anybody own Riglordsaga?

    Hmmm... I have a Japanese version "Made in U.S.A." with no version number (w/o the "-01"). I wonder which one's more uncommon. =|
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    Does anybody own Riglordsaga?

    I mean, the Japanese version. And I'm also interested in the serial number or whatever those numbers above it are supposed to be.
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    Does anybody own Riglordsaga?

    I was wondering, do your CD's say "MADE IN U.S.A." or "MADE IN JAPAN" as usual? Also, what's the number right above those words? Just doing some research on this game, thanks in advance for your help.
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    What are the most rare genesis titles?

    Sonic 2 v.02, with the "SuperSonic at the end of the level" bug fixed. That would be as r@re as it can get.
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    Air Busters crashes at start of second stage?

    Try cleaning the connectors with some toilet paper...
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    International Badnik Contest

    Hi, just wanted to inform you about a new contest where you can submit three original enemies for the Sonic games (AKA badniks) and win some Sonic 2 related prizes: PRIZES ------ The prizes will consist on the following DIN A3 size prints: -3rd prize: Featuring four prototype badniks (wasp...
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    Jet Set Radio 3D Data

    There was some guy at the Sonic CulT forums who managed to crack the 3D model formats in Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes and NiGHTS, perhaps he can be of help.
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    Castle of Illusion debug mode?

    Ok, so I know this code is not bullshit because I had already seen it in a Spanish magazine back in 1991 (although it was listed as a level select code instead). Question is, has anybody ever been able to activate this code, and how? Also, if anybody has been able to make a PAR code for it, it...
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    SDSC ROM tag for Genesis

    You're talking about homebrewn stuff only, right?
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    Kolibri 32x debugger?

    Heh, I wish I could have found these before trying every single combination in the password screen. Still, this is some nice info to have, thanks! Neat! I've tried many different level values and none of them seemed to bring any special menu, sadly. However, there's some "This level under...
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    Kolibri 32x debugger?

    I haven't been able to find any PAR/GG codes for this game... I think this might be because it stores the variables in some wierd way, or at least that's what it looked like when I tried to hack the bgm menu. =\
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    Kolibri 32x debugger?

    Hmmm... Those are the same codes I was using, but sadly they don't work for Vectorman. Oh well, thanks anyway! The menu I've never been able to find: Unknown 3 Button 6 Button Activator Mouse Team Player Level View Cinematic Music SFX GFX EXIT Joy 1 Play Demo...
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    Kolibri 32x debugger?

    Hey, that's very interesting! It reminds me of the hidden menu in Garfield, which I also have no idea on how to access... Do you know which values are assigned to each button in that sequence? I was just trying to find the codes inside some other ROMs, but I didn't know the button values needed...
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    EDIT: Nevermind, it works now.
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    32X on Early MegaDrive

    That's exactly what happens with my MD1 with no BIOS. I can play only for like 20 straight minutes, then the screen starts to shake more and more.
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    More info on the making of Sonic The Hedgehog 2

    I've just released some early enemy sketches that were used in the development of the MegaDrive classic Sonic The Hedgehog 2. They show some very early enemies and explain how they're supposed to act, as well as some other more technical stuff such as VRAM location or sprite sizes. This...