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    I think it's GREAT, that you have made these tutorials (It makes my life easier)
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    Any developers working on a fighting game project?

    Well, Although I AM a total begginer at this, I would love to help, just email me what you want me to do and i'll try to attempt it at my best? Anyone who is willing to do something like this, I will help if I can (I have programming tools and such)
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    Making a Game

    Well, see were getting somewhere. Group voices are allways the best at decisions. Okay, now for something else. Wouldn't making a game be easier if you make tools? Like, something to convert Windows low quality sound files to Saturn and so forth (nobody has actually tried to do sound for...
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    Making a Game

    If anyone is going to make a game, then wouldn't it be better to do it as a group? First, what type of game do you wan't to play? Action/Adventure RPG Driving Shoot-Em-Up And should it be in 3D or 2D? just add at the end of this, what type of game you think it should be. It may help...
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    How do you do Alpha colouring teqnique on teh Saturn (I know that it can be done, as some games have it)? [I'm from the UK, that's why it's spelt that way] And what are the best tools for programming and compiling? Plus, how do you do the CD-RW thing on the Sega Saturn, I know how to do it for...
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    I can't get hold of a 5 in one card or a PAR card or anything to link it to the saturn, so I wan't to know, how to program fro the Saturn witout connecting it. I'm just planning to make a simple game, a 2D overhead RPG using similar gameplay to Rayearth (and similar graphics, but it wont be a...
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    Programming on the Saturn

    Okay, I only know little Visual Basic (stuff I tought myself) but how would I go about learning how to program stuff for the Saturn? I'm a fan of 2D Rpg's (Especially Rayearth) and would like to attempt to make an RPG game for it, only I don't know where to start, are there any pages tat can...
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    Saturn FF7 Project

    Hi, when I checked the Dev area, I was impressed byt he people who are ettempting to do Saturn games or just converting them. Then I heard about this 'Saturn Utena' doing FF7 on Saturn, being a fan of the FF series, I thought I'd check out the site. IT HADN'T BEEN UPDATED FOR MONTHS!!! Then...