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    dreamcast broken

    Thats simple. Change the fuse in the controller port, or link it with a wire.
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    Good 4 player games

    Hey Sane youre right. Tennis 2k2 is the best 4 player game i ever played.
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    32X & CDX

    32X & CDX My Multimega (european version of CDX) is works great with my megadrive 32x, so i dont think that the us version have troubles
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    import gg

    Yes. All handheld console is region free.
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    Saturn questions....

    The best lightgun for Saturn is the original Virtua Gun by SEGA. Theres no compatibility problems on Saturn. Every game works.
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    MegaCD 2 Power Supply question

    Use it with a simple md2 power supply. The polarity problem is only between md1 and md2 connectors.
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    GD-Rom unit curiosity...

    Yes it is possible to swap GD roms between different region machines
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    Emulator... I never try it so, i dont know how that it works
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    Best Saturn Party Game?

    This is a japan Partygame made by CRI, with lot of minigames. It is something like Bishi Bashi on Playstation.
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    There are no working backups from Bleemcast. All of them is FAKE. The only way is: Buy it. I buy all of three Bleempacks and it works great.
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    No its not CD-X its something different. DC-X is playing only imports and nothing else. See the IGn review at this link:
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    Best Saturn Party Game?

    2nd Arukotoha Sandoa Ru is the best partygame for saturn
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    Use DC-X, is this the ultimate solution to play imports. Better than modchips.
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    Light guns - which one to get?

    Japanese lightgun works with us dc, but some of the european guns doesnt work with ntsc machines and back
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    Mortal Kombat 1 and 2?

    MK 2 was released. I have a pal original. Its the better version of this game imho.
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    Light guns - which one to get?

    I suggest you the Biogun which one is works with Silent Scope and games from all region.
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    real DC-X - where to buy it ?

    The other thing, that DC-X is on cd not on GD originally. Try copy one.
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    real DC-X - where to buy it ?

    The original makers of the DC-X is Future console design. Try order in the . I have DC-X and thit is the webpage adress on the box.
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    32X UK/US cart compatibility

    It is not true, my pal 32x doesnt work with my genesis, so the 32x have region lockout.
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    DC-X boot disc info?

    Yes DC-X is the best choose to play imports on DCs. I have one and works with all of my imports (25-30pcs), while the modchip that i use before dont run some from my stuff. If you press the A button while the disc boot, you reach the options menu where you set the 50/60hz the video outpt and...