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    DDR for DC?

    did the DDR games come out for DC in the US?
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    yeah dude not detracting from the overall coolness of Ikaruga but RS was cooler...i think because it was longer and more weapons enemies etc btw the Ikaruga has a screen that says project RS2 or something like that so i think there was some sort of attempt to recreate what they had with RS if...
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    The Best New Comming RPG's

    The Best New Comming RPG's I think that Lufia Gaiden for GBA looks cool. Lufia is a really good RPG series. Rise of the Sinistrals is such a good game...they should probably port that to GBA. I dont think that there are many promising PS2 rpgs but Xenosaga looks good...i guess we will find out...
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    Just sort of curious...i kind of thought RS was better
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    I have mysteria

    yeah its worth $5-10 but if your friend is going to give you 150 then sell it
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    I have mysteria

    yeah i have it for like 2 dollars it sucks SELL SELL SELL
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    How many saturns were actually sold?

    i agree with you shaneus that those will be pretty #### good games but most of them dont even have more than 5 screenshots out now and most have a long time until completion(plenty of time for them to be cancelled, be fucked up by microsoft, or switch to a different system)
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    Lamers on EBAY

    there is no way in #### that is true lol we can only wish but i mean come on...also look at his negative feedback...he has sent people fake shit before
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    GameCube Impressions

    sounds good to me!!!
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    What still needs to be translated on Nintendo systems?

    how about a translation of something like... any of the Fire Emblem games Thracia 776 looks like the best Fire Emblem game 7th Saga 2 Treasure Hunter G Live A Live Rudra no Hihou Paladin's Quest 2 Hanjuku Hero im sure there are tons more...i cant think right now
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    GameCube Impressions

    yeah t-shirts kick i have a megaman one a dino crisis one a rune one and a nifty dave mirra 2 one
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    Saturn Emu

    yeah the light isnt on on the dreamcast...first thing i noticed
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    how can i combine .rar files

    elan doree is a complete shit game
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    Saturn Switch for cd lid

    thanks i just need to learn how to solder
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    Anime suggestion?

    Record of Lodoss War and Nadesico
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    i mean what does a tv need to accept s-video
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    can s-video cables go into the a/v cable port?
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    GameCube Impressions

    lol Xenosaga and FFX have already come out for PS2 in japan do what i do...i got to my local Software ETC.(Babbages) and i say hey when are you getting in the latest shipment of saturn games...they say we dont like saturn it sucks...then i bring up all the cool saturn games and they shut up and...
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    Saturn Switch for cd lid

    ok so for someone dumb like me could you explain how i do this in detail???
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    Sega CD 32x

    lol alright thanks for the info