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  1. Mr. Moustache

    What Media Player do you use?

    Zoom Player all the way.
  2. Mr. Moustache

    Mr. Moustache's Ebay Auctions. Woo!

    Wow, I wasn't even sure SegaXtreme still existed. Good to know it's still alive. I haven't been on the boards in a while, of course SEGA hasn't exactly given me a lot too be excited about lately. Anyways, I posted my collection before for sale. Most of it is gone, I'm now attempting to get rid...
  3. Mr. Moustache

    bye bye video game collection, selling it all(well, almost)

    Sega CD 1. NHL ’94 - $3 2. The Software Toolworks: Star Wars Chess - $15 3. Cadillac’s and Dinosaurs: The Second Cataclysm -$20 4. Jurassic Park - $5 5. Rise of the Dragon - $3 6. The Terminator - $5 7. Eternal Champions - $10 8. Sonic CD - $10 9...
  4. Mr. Moustache

    NES/SNES/GBA/Gen/GC/X-box Lot for sale....

    I'm selling my nes, sega, snes, gamecube, xbox, and gameboy advance stuff. I'd like to sell the whole lot together, I will seperate if necessary, but would like all the games and their respective systems kept together. Looking for $550 for the entire lot. Prices are negotiable Ben NES -...
  5. Mr. Moustache

    Carhart and Eric Clapton(see what they have in common)

    Sup fellas, and ladies. I must say, I've just gotten back from what I can simply describe as a religious experience. I saw god himself, and he played one mean guitar, some of you might also know him as a man called Eric Clapton. He makes it look so damn easy, and while he might not be the most...
  6. Mr. Moustache

    The News as seen through a PCP addict.

  7. Mr. Moustache

    Sega Driving Studio is hiring

    yah, c'mon now.. not like we're talking about EA or something...
  8. Mr. Moustache

    Anyone wanna play a free MMO

    That's some crazy stuff.. I used to play some EQ like hardcore, but it's far too time consuming(not too mention addicting) to jump back into it again.
  9. Mr. Moustache

    World’s Largest Video Game Collection!

    If I didn't stop collecting games and intend on selling my collection I would be so ungodly jealous right now.
  10. Mr. Moustache

    Fucking Right!

    Ok then, it's a sunroof, I lied... I don't think I could of went on without that tiny nugget of useful knowledge :thumbs-up:
  11. Mr. Moustache

    Fucking Right!

    Moonroof is like a sunroof except it's automatic. The tires pwn you. Now I just need the damn title to come in so I can do more than drive it around the block.
  12. Mr. Moustache

    Fucking Right!

    I rarely post here, but damnit I just had an 18wheeler pull up to my house and drop off my new car('83 Benz 240d).. I've been waiting like a month, sucker started like a champ and runs nice and smooth.. And I got a freakin moonroof, how bad ass is that?!? That is all.
  13. Mr. Moustache

    Power Base Converter WHAT IS THIS??????

    You mean the converter itself? Or the little screw thing? The converter allows you to play Master System games on your genesis. The screw thing... no clue, I never got one when I bought mine.
  14. Mr. Moustache

    Hideo Kojima: "A videogame is not art!"

    I think you guys kind've missed the point of what he said.. What he was trying to articulate that what HE does is not art, he is the director/producer.. He decides what and where things should go but he does not create them. He's not denying that things within' a video game can and surely are...
  15. Mr. Moustache

    What games have you bought lately?

    Wow, what a nice fella, god knows I wouldn't do the same. Games I just bought: Mario Kart DS It's awesome.. haven't gotten to play it online yet, finding 4opponents is proving tough since it just came out, but I imagine it's just going to get more fun.
  16. Mr. Moustache

    Xbox 360 or Dreamcast 2.0?

    First, EA makes much, much, much, much, much... did I say much? more than sports games. They are the largest publisher in the U.S., and they were when the DC came out. Needless to say, if you don't have the largest publisher of games in your corner I'd say you're in for a rough ride... And yes...
  17. Mr. Moustache

    Three word story game

    lined his fingers
  18. Mr. Moustache

    What's The Most Addictive Game You Have Ever Playe

    What's The Most Addictive Game You Have Ever Playe I'm a recovering Everquest addict, twice.. once for 2years and again for 4months.. FF9 had me hooked from beginning to end. Galaga, nuff said. I used to stay up all night playing Shen Mue until I beat it, same with Grandia 2. And the god...
  19. Mr. Moustache

    History game!

    210 AD, the year Galen died, a philosopher, physician, anatomist, who became famous for his descriptions of human anatomy, which were considered authoritive for the next 1000years(and we all know how good medecine was in the middle ages).