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  1. Red Ring Rico

    Update on SSSDK

    Okay, I have to make an update now that I've made a post elsewhere ;D. The long-and-short of it is that I am incredibly busy at work and don't have much time to dedicate to the SDK. I'm not stopping work on it; things are just getting in the way (by things, I mean life), which means I have...
  2. Red Ring Rico

    FPS-demo + source code

    This is great work. I know I haven't been active here as of late (work and other things getting in the way =/), but I do come here at least a few times a week to check in. Are you going to go further with this or is it just to be a starting point for others to use?
  3. Red Ring Rico

    Daytonaaaaaa !!!!!

    I'm assuming it looks that way because it's a prototype build. All the same, I don’t like the new music as much.
  4. Red Ring Rico

    Update on SSSDK

    Yup. I decided to bump the versions up. Though, the Windows builds aren't playing ball at the moment. I'm still working on the DC JAM entry, too. My job also has me bound up, especially with the influx of ship dates that have occurred in the last two months. Hopefully, I'll get a bit of...
  5. Red Ring Rico

    Update on SSSDK

    Here's the thing. I started a new job three weeks ago and I have a lot less time than before. This isn't me announcing the end of my involvement with the Saturn and homebrew. Just letting everyone know why I've been even more silent than normal. Moving into a new place also meant that I have...
  6. Red Ring Rico

    Vertical Shmup prototype

    You can't escape the call of the Saturn =P.
  7. Red Ring Rico

    XENOCIDER For Dreamcast

    I'm surprised that the campaign wasn't successful. I hope that the next time will be better.
  8. Red Ring Rico

    Hopped back onto the SSSDK after four months of Dreamcast development. The Yabause wiki has a...

    Hopped back onto the SSSDK after four months of Dreamcast development. The Yabause wiki has a lot of info on the CD block I can use.
  9. Red Ring Rico

    A Game I'm Working on: [TERMINAL]

    I don't know if I'm a fan as such. I liked the film and have yet to read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The art direction in the film is neat, and the derived fan art captures the essence of the celluloid well. The style of Blade Runner and other cyberpunk films are what I'm looking at...
  10. Red Ring Rico

    A Game I'm Working on: [TERMINAL]

    Thanks, @Elkplaysandpaints. I feel getting involved with artists at the moment may be a bad move, due to the infancy of the game. Though, if you're okay with iterating through different ideas I'm willing to give it a shot. For some idea of what I'm thinking of visually, take a look at the...
  11. Red Ring Rico

    A Game I'm Working on: [TERMINAL]

    Thanks =D.
  12. Red Ring Rico

    A Game I'm Working on: [TERMINAL]

    Okay, I have a video uploading to YouTube and am taking pictures right now. I'll update the first post in a short while. Thanks for your support, cafe-alpha =D.
  13. Red Ring Rico

    A Game I'm Working on: [TERMINAL]

    Hello, everybody! I want to talk about the game I've been working on here, chiefly due to my obvious lack of time being spent on the SEGA Saturn SDK. I am still chipping away at it as and when I can. I began work on this game in October last year (2015), when I started looking at how feasible...
  14. Red Ring Rico

    RRR SDK released !

    There's a new version of Code::Blocks that just came out. The majority of the changes are not relevant for the Saturn SDK, however, I will be upgrading it when I can. The major difficulty is that I cloned their Subversion repository and there isn't anything to connect my changes to theirs...
  15. Red Ring Rico

    Another Saturn SDK

    Quick Update I've managed to finally get Code::Blocks building for Windows under Linux via the MinGW-w64 compiler. Therefore, I can delete the Amazon EC2 server which was set up last year to handle the Windows version of Code::Blocks. Also, the next version of GCC removes SH5/SH64. Luckily...
  16. Red Ring Rico

    Saturn repair? Corrupted graphics.

    Can you photograph the monitor? I haven't encountered this but someone else might know from looking at images your Saturn is producing.
  17. Red Ring Rico

    Animation in 3D

    You should take a look at the walking Akira demo from SGL's samples, if you haven't already. As for exporting animation from Blender, take a look at the Armature documentation in the Python API reference. Walk the nodes and export each key frame, associating it with the mesh it's bound to as...
  18. Red Ring Rico

    Project Dream launched

    I don't get why people hate Project Dream (almost vehemently). I'm doubtful they will succeed, but at least they have their creative outlet for this. The only thing I don't like is the mock-up multiplayer with the "Apps" and "Social" sections as well as how the hardware shells look. Other...
  19. Red Ring Rico

    Another Saturn SDK

    Correct, I am indeed disassembling the CDC_* functions. It's good for me to learn how to do it in any case. My SH assembly skills are pretty lacking, so this is a good incentive for me to get to know it =P. It's looking less likely that I'll meet my New Year's deadline, as I'm also repairing...
  20. Red Ring Rico

    AMEBA a new saturn game !

    Neat. I like the boss' design. Also, that piece of music was great =D.