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  1. TraynoCo

    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Hey guys, Found a potential issue with the latest PS Kai release and the Satiator using an Xband Modem. I'm having an issue where the Xband Modem is inserted, and when I select a game to play from the menu, it tries to load the game, but kicks me back to the PS Kai menu. EDIT: Tried a...
  2. TraynoCo

    SEGA Saturn 28th Anniversary Game Competition

    Was a ton of great competition this year, and I really enjoyed playing each one! Thanks again for all the hard work guys, can't wait to see what's gonna be on the slab next year! Original Games: 1: Bridget Bishop 2: Irreel 3: Wolf 3D Multiboot 4: Sky Blaster 5: Unnamed Shooter App 6...
  3. TraynoCo

    Yumimi Mix Remix translation

    Thank you based Supper!
  4. TraynoCo

    Ninpen Manmaru English Patched?

    Amazing work on this guys, it's great to see such an old fan translation get a much needed tune up!
  5. TraynoCo

    SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition

    Utilities 1. Sega Saturn Patcher - Knight0fDragon made patching easy and great, not to mention the full features it comes with (Ability to rip discs then apply translation patches, all the formats it can convert to, etc). This gives no one an excuse to not patch their games anymore. Set it and...
  6. TraynoCo

    SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition

    Original Games 1. Blue Skies - Was an amazing flight sim, like Pilot Wings, but for some reason better. The Soundtrack was out of this world good. Collision had some issues, but overall was a relaxing experience! I played this for an hour straight just flying, and I didn't get bored once. The...
  7. TraynoCo

    I post pictures from the discord that I find interesting here

    That looks familiar ;)