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    2x Genny and Sega CD sale with games.

    Selling the rest of my Sega CD collection. I have a tandem of the genny 1 and sega cd 1 as well as a genny 2 and sega cd 2. i have one official 6 button controller and one generic. theres only hookups for one system but i want to unload them both. lot is sold as is, no seperating. the games are...
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    Why am i no longer a mod?

    just curious. i dont have access or can even see the mod forum and dont have the mod controls. who did i piss off?
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    Might sell my modded [x]

    Im thinking of selling my xbox. Unit comes with 2 s-type controllers, component and composite cables, aladdin chip and an 80-gig HDD. Right now I have Unleash X and MBMC installed. The system will come with Slayers Auto Installer of you ever need to reformat as well as around 25 “games”...
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    Panasonic FZ-1 for sale

    original front loader with several "games" and original controller. asking $40 shipped.
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    Oh goodie.....more Pokemon!

    from the magic box. "- Korokoro manga magazine reported that Nintendo will release Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond for Nintendo DS in Japan in 2006. In additional, there is a third game called Pokemon Ranger, which will be based on the upcoming movie Pokemon Ranger: The Path of Diamond and...
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    House of the Dead 4

    thanks to the magic box. The House of the Dead 4 Publisher: Sega Platform: Arcade Genre: Gun Shooting Origin: Japan Release: Q4 2005 Here are some new images of Sega's new arcade lightgun shooter The House of the Dead 4, this...
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    Older modded ps2 for sale

    ive got a v4 system with a duo 2 installed in it. the system is old and because of this its hit or miss with ps1 games and dvd movies. ps2 burns (with ritek and sonic) and originals are fine though. the dvd drive works fine but has a "rubbing" sound when it opens. it comes with 1 controller and...
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    Revolution to go wireless!?

    Nintendo announced today it has chosen Broadcom Corporation as the networking contributor for its next console (codenamed "Revolution"), confirming the wireless capabilities of the next-generation system. Revolution will feature an advanced wireless platform that integrates multiple technologies...
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    I want the Road Avenger theme song......

    yeah the sega cd game. id love to get its theme song (with vocals) but i no longer own the game. can anybody hook up the music section or load it here?
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    Any apps to watch Sega CD movie files?

    title says it all. id really like to be able to rip out Sega CD video files and watch them seperately like you can with a lot of Saturn games (with the cinepak viewer). is there anything out there.
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    Gens will no longer load roms?

    okay as you see in my other thread i had a problem playing cd games with gens. before this all my roms worked fine. now after installing aspi i can play cd games but now the emu just sits there and does nothing when i try to load a rom. it doesnt stall, its still running in task manager. the...
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    More general Nintendo info

    - Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed the company's new plans on the next generation console and other development plans: * Iwata pointed out the downturn of the Japanese game market is due to too many sequels * American game market also begins to suffer to a similar cause, the...
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    Mario Party 6 will be a bit "different"

    -Nintendo is working on a new Mario Party title which does not require the use of controllers (which is rumored to be Nintendo's first title to work with a new EyeToy like camera for GameCube, known as Manebito/Camera and Ningen-Copy/Manebito -from the magic box
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    Nintendo releases more info about "Revolution"

    * Nintendo is planning to reveal the next generation console codenamed "Revolution" at E3 2005 *Nintendo's next console will be able to hook up to both PC monitor and TV sets, the machine will more innovative ideas on hardware and software, which separate it from the competitors from the...
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    Ripping to use in Gens......

    okay how do i do it. i have alcohol, nero and clone cd. gens didnt seem to like the .ccd image and i make a nero image it didnt like as well. i couldnt find out how to select eith bin/cue or iso/wav. little help here :) also i cant get a regular cd to boot. i think its looking at the fake drive...
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    modded ps2 up for grabs.....

    i may be parting with my system soon. its a v7 with a messiah 2. also comes with a network adapter, gameshark 3.0, dvd remote, the document of MGS2, TMB Online and the RE Outbreak and Monster Hunter Beta's. also comes with component cables and one clear blue Sony brand controller and an official...
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    New (well sort of) Shining Force game for the GBA.

    "Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon for GBA (remake of the Shining Force for Mega Drive/Genesis)" from the magic box so if its a remake i wonder if they'll update the graphic or make a straight port?
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    Some pc stuff

    Amd athlon xp 1800 (have gotten it to 2200 speeds with this mobo 1.78ghz) thermaltake volcano 7 hs/fan MSI KT4 Ultra asking 80 shipped. still have box and everything for the mobo.
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    The rest of my Saturn stuff......

    Original Games wsb 98 bootleg sampler astal christmas nights croc darius daytona usa (3 for 1 pack) daytona cce duke nukem enemy zero saturn bootleg 2 fighters megamix fighting vipers gex mansion of hidden souls nights panzer dragoon zwei wsb panzer dragoon sega rally...
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    Need some help with reburning converted us-->jap

    Need some help with reburning converted us-->jap okay i need to reburn (meaning i already have copies of said games) some games, but i have to rip them first and use that country code converter and burn them back. all i have is nero, and i didnt see any walkthrus in the help section. somebody...