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    Memory Question

    generally i've stuck with Kingston for their value line, OCZ, Mushkin and A-Data. unless you're overclocking you can use pretty much any brand.
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    modded systems need to go!

    does the "mod" mean it can play backups/all region games?
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    Sonic Xreme....

    "I guess the point I'm getting at is that, for better or for worse, this small little demo IS Sonic X-Treme for the Saturn." yet it's on a mega cd disc?
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    Blind Gamer Kicks asss

    "decapitated, eviscerated and gutted" didnt know you could do that in SC2. i love gaming journalism.
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    Who is selling a Ram Expansion for Saturn????

    racketboy sells them. look on page 2. $15 and some odd change.
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    2x Genny and Sega CD sale with games.

    the games are complete like previously noted, and in the condition stated like previously noted (all pretty good except for the special instances with the cardboard boxed games and tomcat alley/prize fighter). <!--QuoteBegin-dsheinem[/i]@Wed, 2005-07-27 @ 12:43 AM considering the games, this...
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    2x Genny and Sega CD sale with games.

    Selling the rest of my Sega CD collection. I have a tandem of the genny 1 and sega cd 1 as well as a genny 2 and sega cd 2. i have one official 6 button controller and one generic. theres only hookups for one system but i want to unload them both. lot is sold as is, no seperating. the games are...
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    Music Section Finished!

    Ocarina of Time links seems busted.
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    Why am i no longer a mod?

    just curious. i dont have access or can even see the mod forum and dont have the mod controls. who did i piss off?
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    Panasonic FZ-1 for sale

    sold and shipped.
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    Might sell my modded [x]

    Im thinking of selling my xbox. Unit comes with 2 s-type controllers, component and composite cables, aladdin chip and an 80-gig HDD. Right now I have Unleash X and MBMC installed. The system will come with Slayers Auto Installer of you ever need to reformat as well as around 25 “games”...
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    Panasonic FZ-1 for sale

    np, will in a bit. games are all archived. comes with of road rash, shockwave, shockwave operation jumpgate, shockwave 2, killing time, the game guru, luciennes quest, captain quazar, crash 'n burn, night trap, need for speed, the hoarde and bc racers. will try to get pics up later.
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    Panasonic FZ-1 for sale

    original front loader with several "games" and original controller. asking $40 shipped.
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    House of the Dead 4

    thanks but all i see is "user posted image" on the SX main page. heres some more from Link343, i love the cabinet around where the guns rest and a widescreen display? *drool*
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    Oh goodie.....more Pokemon!

    from the magic box. "- Korokoro manga magazine reported that Nintendo will release Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond for Nintendo DS in Japan in 2006. In additional, there is a third game called Pokemon Ranger, which will be based on the upcoming movie Pokemon Ranger: The Path of Diamond and...
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    House of the Dead 4

    can somebody edit this so the pics show on the main page? im dumb and dont know how. :banana
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    House of the Dead 4

    thanks to the magic box. The House of the Dead 4 Publisher: Sega Platform: Arcade Genre: Gun Shooting Origin: Japan Release: Q4 2005 Here are some new images of Sega's new arcade lightgun shooter The House of the Dead 4, this...
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    Anyone offering Saturn Mod Service

    not to shoot you down or anything but i remember reading several people here using electrical tape instead of solder to put their chips in. could be wrong.
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    FS: modded Saturn

    you mean a region mod or chip? im planning on getting the system chipped.