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    Second hand shops

    Hello guys, It´s a long time since my last post, but anyway, I am back. Does anybody know if there is good second hand shops (not only videogame, but book and cds stores too) in germany, around the region of Koeln? I´m going there for a intensive course on the german language and I hope to...
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    Help - Sat Mod-chip died on me

    Heya, guys. Since I bought my saturn (second hand) I constantly had problems like crashs, rebooting, internal clock reseting and internal memory erase. But it was still playable though, until yesterday. I heard a loud crash and the cd stopped to spin. After opening the saturn shell and...
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    Anybody from the l.a. region?

    Hello, guys. A friend of mine is going to E3 and the spare time between the fair and his coming back to Brazil he hopes to buy used & new VG stuff in L.A.. Does anybody knows where he can find a good videogame shop that deals with both used and new games in L.A., specially in the nearby of...
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    To Cecilia pt 2.

    Hey, got an incredible ideia: Why don´t you start a online store and sell stuff to us for a resoanable price? :D I´d buy from you forever ever!
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    Carlos Moya the son of the Devil

    Does anybody have a tip to beat him on the semi-finals? The guy seems to know all my lame movements beforehand :/ Can´t even make a damned point. I´m using a VMU character with almost all stuff on level 20
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    Detonator Orgun

    has anyone played Detonator Orgun for the SCD? I remember it was a cool action anime from the 80´s/early 90´s... and what about the game? Is it an action/shooter, rpg or what? ***** Sorry for the cross-posting. It should be in the SCD forum... (Edited by Draconar at 8:00 pm on Jan. 27, 2002)
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    Saturn retailers in Brazil

    Here´s the address for 3 brazilian web stores which have Saturn games for selling. I don´t have the slightest clue if they ship their stuff overseas, how much it would cost and/or if they have someone able to reply an email msg written in english language. Guess you will have more luck...
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    AOL 7.0 CDs

    The fact is I don´t know anybody living in the U.S. and the only ppl from there I´m somewhat in contact is the ppl from this list. So if feel free to flame me if you think this post shouldn´t be here. Let´s go to the facts, I work for a internet company here in Brazil and I need a aol 7.0...
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    GBA Lights

    Hello guys, Does anybody knows which light would be the best for the GBA. I´ve had a look on lik-san and they have at least 10+ models of GBA Lights. has anybody had any good experience with one of the models available on lik-sang?
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    Castlevania - Circle of the moon

    Got myself wondering this days. Isn´t it ridiculous that a dark, vampiric, nocturnal game can be played only when the sun is up high in the sky? hummm
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    HELP - DC 50U$

    Hello guys, I need to buy at least 2 DCs before they´re all gone. I ask all of you if you know a decent, reliable shop which ships their products overseas. (I´m in Brazil) Seems like that all the big ones sells their stuff to US only. :// All help is welcome!
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    Neo-geo parts

    Hello, I got a neo-geo cd but the control pad is broken and the people around here are asking almost half of the console´s price for a single joystick! Do you guys know where in the net can I find one for a fair price? See ya!
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    Music Contest

    when will it end? Who´s the winner!? where can I download the songs!?
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    files out of an ISO

    Heya! Is it possible to get the files out of an iso file? If yes, which programs should I use?
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    Re-using a mod chip

    Hello, all! My model 2 (moded) Saturn is dying and I want to buy a new one and use the mod-chip from my dying Sat on this new one. Is it possible to take an installed mod-chip off a Saturn and use it again in another Saturn?
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    Neo-Geo Cdz

    There is any possible way to bipass the protection against cd-rs on neo-geo CDz?
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    Virtua Racing

    How the position thing works on Virtua Racing for the genesis? I (re)bought this game some days ago and have been playing in the normal level. It doesn´t matter which position I end the race always the HUGE 25th place appears. Do you need to always finish in 1st place to get the correct...