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    american 32x on pal mega drive, possible?

    It is possible to play us games on a pal system. Many games have a region lock, they will not run, but other have none. Some games run if you press the reset button. For example Spiderman the web of fire, Wrestlemania, Blackthorne or Tempo have no lock, otherwise Pitfall for example has a lock...
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    32X territory lock

    Can anyone tell me, if there is a country converter like Game Genie ... for the 32X. Is it possible with any normal MD country converter to play ntsc games on a pal 32X system. If not, maybe there is a possibility for a switch (like MD) or so. If anyone made this ever, please reply. Thanks
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    32X Country Problems

    I have a PAL Sega 32X. Some games are not playable on the PAL 32X, for example Tempo or Star Trek the Starfleet academy. Is there anyone, who can tell me wich converter Ihave to use or how I could modify my 32X. Please help me!
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    Does spiderman web of fire 32x work on a pal 32x?

    I have Spiderman: The Web of Fire. It WORKS fine on any Pal 32X. By the way it is a bad game, but only 1500 copies wre made. Sometimes there are copies on E Bay. Look out.