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    What was your best party gaming experience?

    I am shamed and have to say it was a wierd drunken night of playing Mario Kart DD on GC and about 2 hours of bomb battle. For some reason unleashing 10 bombs in 2 seconds while spraying them in a decent area looked really cool.
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    Car guys: Can you help recommend a car to me?

    Yup its great you turn the corner and you see break lights come on. Damn Corvette engine has some balls but my CV has a better ride :P. It also looks better than any caprice. As for my crown vic its got the newer tech. OHC, distributorless ignition, efi, locking overdrive auto. I agree with...
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    Car guys: Can you help recommend a car to me?

    You could always be like me and drive a Crown Vic. No one ever suspects the boat. But I hate rattle can ricers and the lil trash wannabe asian white boys who think its hot to have a car that sounds like my lawn mower. Hell my parents have a Swift with a 1.0 and that thing with a stock exhaust at...
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    Post cool Sega-related eBay auctions here

    Thats lunar game is sweet.
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    Sega Fantasy VI

    That was beautiful, the Xbox sacrificed himself to save the day. I always knew the genesis was evil and this just proved it!
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    Fully Modified XboX FS

    Ahh price drop. 425 is fair for me. I even got that damned xenium updated to 2.3.0 for its OS and on a 1.6b xbox many say its impossible. Hours, many cd-r's, and more headache's. I finally got it to work so I am in a giving mood.
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    Fully Modified XboX FS

    XboX 1.6 -> AS5 used on cpu and gpu. Xenium SP ICE 200GB WD HD 7200rpm 8MB cache 2x Controller 1 Game holder Mech Assault 2 Fully Setup Software and Mod Bios(plug and play your dvd's with no kit :smokin: ) I am looking for 425usd shipped(insured with delivery confirmation) for this. It...
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    XboX Appraisal

    If I sold it to a shop I'd clean it off. I'd leave it linux and media centre capable though. I might call a shop and see how much I can get from a shop.
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    XboX Appraisal

    Yea I have downloaded the Evo-X stuff but I am debating on changing its dash out for that media center one so it can run dvd's without the kit. So you sell them for about 385usd(Approx 450cad)?
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    XboX Appraisal

    Hello, I have an XboX 1.6(2 controllers, and mechassault 2, Headhunter Redemption) with the following mods. Xenium SP Ice ModChip WD 200GB HD 2.5yrs warranty left I am upgrading the heat removal system of the box. It comes with all the bios's and dashboards you could want. I have some...
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    What country are you?

    Pfft I'm the States how low can I go.
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    Ready to purchase a Physics Card?

    If you go to the site of the manufacturer they state it can be integrated into a graphics renderer. So I am assuming this thing is small enough to be on die or a small chip located near the die on future graphics chips.
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    Virtua Fighter 2

    Kage rules all! Dunno why but I walk through VF2 with Kage. I love tossing people out of the ring :). Its an addictive game. Its up there with nights for me. I have no clue why but VF2 and Nights is what keeps me coming back to Saturn. I hit an easter egg once that let you change all the...
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    10 Years of the Saturn

    I've owned 3 saturns. I bought one braaaand new in 1996. Sold it for 150 two years later. I another one for 80 bucks but it had nights into dreams!!! Awesome game. I sold it for a 110 :(. I am hunting 3 right now. I will get one and then chain it to my TV so I can never sell it again. I...
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    WTB: Saturn Stuff

    I will pm you once I get a saturn mod 2. I was looking at your thread racket and your selling for an awesome price. What are the two places that sell this stuff? Lik Sang and...
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    WTB: Saturn Stuff

    I'd do the white saturn but the thing costs 4x as much as a normal model 2 black one. Besides that its all about opening it up and giving it a flashy paint job to make it look nice.
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    WTB: Saturn Stuff

    My GF is big into video games and I am attempting to win me a saturn off of :devil fleabay :devil . She's all pro Nintendo and the saturn is my sega love so I want to introduce her to it. I am looking for 2 light guns, mem card, vcd movie card(are these really jap saturn limited)?, 2 player...
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    Sad news for SegaXtreme

    I could do the hosting. I think a static IP for me would only run me around 5 bucks a month. If nothing else works I can do the hosting. It wouldn't be too terribly quick but I could live.
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    dear gwb

    I just had this discussion on another board. Its the difference between socialism and capitalism. Up here our government helps peeople into the middle class. Down there its pushing people into 2 classes the high and the low. But I like our medical system. So what if I have to pay extra taxes...
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    New Star Wars trailer

    I hope it continues the trend. If EP2 was 2X better than EP1 than EP3 should in theory be 2X better than EP2. That scene where yoda fights made the movie for me. It was so hmmm coool how as soon as he drops the stick he moves like the wind.