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    Translating Grandia

    I'm old here but I logged in just to say thank you! This looks great!
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    How old is SX ?

    Reading books relaxes me like no other. If I lay down and start reading I can only make it a chapter or two before getting heavy-eyed and pass out. I also don't game near as much as I used to and when I do it seems to be PC-only for me now. I still play my classic systems but my 360 has become...
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    Funny kid anecdotes

    Not game related but my niece and nephew saw some documentary on Elvis and are thought Elvis was me (guess I look like young Elvis?). They still think this going on a solid month or more now haha.
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    Guardian Heroes for XBLA!

    Guardian Heroes, one of the greatest games of all time and a Saturn classic is coming to XBLA on October 12th. Who wants to play? Would love to brawl it up with a bunch of the old SX crew . I have VampyreMike (think that was his name on here?) and Scared0o0Rabbit willing to join in. Anyone else...
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    I want to make an rpg

    Wow, brings back memories! I haven't talked to Lordofduct since Myspace went to shit years ago! Cloud, we gave you so much shit back in the day. I think you liked the abuse haha.
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    How old is SX ?

    Holy shit this thread brought back some memories! Galstaff used to hit me up on AIM constantly back in the day but then just kind of...disappeared. Not sure what happened to him. Cloud, didn't you write those fan fiction/adult stories about FF? Hope everyone is doing well. College, growing...
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    Almost no SEGA news? Bullshit! Nights : Journey of Dreams

    Ya, that's where I got the idea for the thread title, lol.
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    Almost no SEGA news? Bullshit! Nights : Journey of Dreams

    Hell, with the recent release of some of Sega's titles I'd say we're better off, lol. I just wanna see it, and I want it to remain true to the origional and have some more added flavor/replayability. Lets just hope we see it, and lets hope it's as badass as it can be, regardless of who makes...
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    Almost no SEGA news? Bullshit! Nights : Journey of Dreams

    ya, it's gunne be sweet, and I bet it'll be cool w/ the wiimote. I bet we'll be seeing the origional NiGHTS on the VC stuff too :).
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    Almost no SEGA news? Bullshit! Nights : Journey of Dreams

    SPeaks for itself...
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    Modded Xbox+ extras, cheap!

    Oh of course...nothing illegal. You can PM me for more details, haha. It's a pretty sweet setup, I love it. Hate to see it go :(, but she has to.
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    Modded Xbox+ extras, cheap!

    Hey guys, as with my DC listing I need to sell my prized possessions, my videogames due to financial reasons. These are the last things I own that have any monetary value. I am selling the following: -Modded XBox: -has xecuter 2.2 modchip w/ the external dip switch. Lets you switch the mod...
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    DC Lot, my loss is your gain.

    Hey guys, due to some financial trouble I need to sell my DC games. Kind of a hard thing to do, but it's come down to selling the last thing I can get any value out of. I want to sell them as a lot, due to ease of shipping and my limited time. Price is somewhat negotiable but no low-ballers...
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    Megacart finaly released

    Wait wait I can store games onto the cart, and load them up? For this do you just send it through USB/flash it using a CD?
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    Segaxtreme will soon be closing [Updated]

    Would it be worth it to move the site to just a forum? All the tech docs and such can be attached to forum posts and those posts stickied in the appropriate forums? I still come around every now and again, but I rarely play any sega anymore, so lost a lot of interest. Don't let all the...
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    ahh yes, I remember you Tag. Weren't you the one who was pretending to be a girl, and came out one day? haha. Man, I miss the old days of this board....goodtimes :)
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    Around, busy with school and work. Damn college. I just turned 21 today though, wootz! Gunna go get my drink on, haha. I haven't been too much in the videogame scene really, I play an odd PC game here or there which is usually an MMO but that's it. Life has just got too busy and lately, shit...
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    Racketboy on /.

    I have seen him on digg multiple times, he does some good shit and it's nice to see his stuff more mainstream :). He still come around?
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    Iron f**king Maiden!

    Lucky ass! I bought ozzfest tickets when they were gunna come last year w/ ozzfest but like a month before the show, they cancelled ozzfest and I didn't get to see them or In Flames...fuckers. Pisses me off still lol.
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    Hell, I haven't talked to him in AGES. I dunno what ever happened to him, hehe. Only one I still talk to is Ice and Rabbit if you guys remember him. Anything new in the Sega community?