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  1. GatoSamurai

    N64 Imported Games

    Hi, i have a N64 PAL with some games, but because the RGB Mod cant be done in a N64 PAL, i have been thinking of buying a USA one, but i want to know if i could play all my PAL games on the USA console. I think that with a Passport or similar they should work, but im not sure, and also i dont...
  2. GatoSamurai

    Policenauts re-release??

    The Sad thing is that about a 60% English version was almost made for the Sega Saturn, and the 3DO english version was complete, but none of them was released...
  3. GatoSamurai

    Narrow down Genesis "Best Games" List part 2

    Another vote for Power Rangers. Only the type of game you play with a friend to make some laughts
  4. GatoSamurai

    Dumping Roms

    It also works with a PAL MegaDrive II ?? I think there is no reason for not to work, but im not sure.
  5. GatoSamurai

    New Genesis Flash Linker with 32x support!!!!!&#33

    Whoooow. :omg: I think i must save 100$ now By the way, how about this thing ?? Multi Game Doctor MD+SFC 16M only US$ 60 Does it include the cartridges for Megadrive/Genesis and SuperNES ?? Anyone have it ? It is good buy ??
  6. GatoSamurai

    What Genny game had the best GFX?

    Streets of Rage 3, Gunstar Heroes, Space Harrirer... Samurai Spirits was also a great conversion with colourfull sprites.
  7. GatoSamurai

    i got Colour 60hz using RF

    Yeah, Wiseman is right. I have that problem and i cant find RGB Cable for my MD2 pal or a conector which fits the MD2 RGB output to make myself one, so i think i´ll try buying a 32x to be able to play 60hz Colour.
  8. GatoSamurai

    Best non-popular games?

    I will add TWO CRUDE DUDES. Pure Fun if you have a friend to play.. LAST BATTLE. Pseudo beatém up which is actually the game of HOKUTO NO KEN mangas but with another name.
  9. GatoSamurai

    50/60hz switch

    I know its a n00b question, but someone can post how to make a RGB cable on a MD2, or where to buy it ??
  10. GatoSamurai

    Connect DC pad on PSX

    I want to play with the DC Arcade Stick on PSX and guncon on DC : ) I have bought a extension cable for DC and another for PSX , 2€ each one, so i want to do it myself
  11. GatoSamurai

    Game Gear TV Output

    Link is broken, anybody has another one ?? im very interested in doing this mod plz
  12. GatoSamurai

    Connect DC pad on PSX

    Hi, i want to know if thats its possibe and if anyone have images of it to know how to do it ::
  13. GatoSamurai

    Problems with 60hrz Mod

    Please somebody helpme, my email is , addme or email me and ill send you the pictures, or somebody please hostme the images.
  14. GatoSamurai

    Problems with 60hrz Mod

    Serial N 165006244 if it helps
  15. GatoSamurai

    Problems with 60hrz Mod

    Well, im trying to do the 60hrz mod to my model 2 pal saturn, but my motherboard is not like the one in so i dont know where i must cut and sold, please somebody helpme with generic instructions or posting if anyone has another model 2 different like the...
  16. GatoSamurai

    Question about MEGADRIVE and MEGACD regions

    Well, the question is : If i have my Megadrive pal with the change region switch, i still need to change the region of a mega cd game ( with the program ) or i can play changing the witch to the correct region ???
  17. GatoSamurai

    Genesis model 1 mod

    And what about a MEGADRIVE 1 ?? im going to buy an used one but i dont know what to buy Megadrive 1 or 2 ( megadrive 1 looks cooler to me : ) please helpme, im sure you can