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    some one in the boob forum posted a tutorial on how to make your psx games boot in bleem games other then gt2 i could only get dragon ball gt to work so far
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    n64 emulator for DC

    he is not being truthfull with us perfect dark and bond are roms well over the size of the dc's mem they cant possibly be working on the dc dcemulation needs to think before they post news
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    model 1 gen and model 2 sega cd

    my gen connector has about a 1 of grey stuff all over it thats probally the problem does the unit need a genesis to power up though
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    model 1 gen and model 2 sega cd

    when i hook my model 1 gen up to my sega cd model 2 side mount my sega cd wont work no power light no cd spin no nothing i took appart my get and made sure it fit into the side slot is there something that wont allow a model 1 gen and model 2 sega cd to work together
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    sega cd cords

    i just bought a sega cd model 1 with no cords what kind cords will i need to get this thing working
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    Sega Saturn IRC Channels

    go to and dl mirc it will let you chart on the irc and irc's allow file servers that transfer programs like sat games
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    Virtua Racing

    virtua racing has a extra cpu in the cart according to the fcc a cdx can not play they cart with out shielding its the same reason they claim you cant use a 32x with a cdx it actually works fine but it produces to much electrical disturbance that might be the problem with your game
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    sonic and knuckles "lock on"

    you can actually play the sonics with lockon technology inside sonic jam for the saturn i have to wonder why the sound is beter on the saturn then on the dc smash pack version
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    is a 3d0 worth owning

    i have heard 3do has some good games but most suck is it worth buying one
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    DC accessories

    i have a total control 4 in 1 adaptor and it does not support the light gun but i got my dc light gun for 4.96 at compusa so its cheaper to just buy one made for the dc also i would stay away from nexus mem cards they suck and cost about the same as a vmu vmu's are 996 now..also the knights pad...
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    What games do you recommend?

    shenmue for the dc is good skies is great the atari comp. is good but out of all the dc games the best one hands down is dragon riders or perm great under rated game stay away from games like wild metal and incoming they look and feel more like tech demos then games and toy commander looks like...
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    saturn emulator for dc

    on the dc emulation forums a few months back a man that worked for sega said sega had a working saturn emulator that would play all saturn games i think the guys name was john bird anyone have his email maybe he has a copy of this emulator
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    Sega Saturn IRC Channels

    there is also sega-isos on dalnet they have sega cd and saturn games there