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    Kid Chameleon

    Ah yes, this game is brilliance. I say if your arse isn't numb, your nerves frazzled and death doesn't have big consequences it aint a good platformer. Kid Chamelion pushes ones endurance to the limits but it's always a pleasure to play. Level design is sublime considering the number in there...
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    Ported to the gameboy recently I think. The game was more of a graphical showcase than anything. Kind of like Aladin but not half as good.
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    Sonic The Hedgehog 3

    I thought Sonic 3 was one of the weakest of the series. Far inferior to Sonic 2. The game was rushed out for christmas and it shows. What some people call long levels I call meandering unfocussed levels. What some people call an innovative shield system I call a poorly implimented gimmick that...
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    I played the first one and I thought it was fairly rubbish. Hun drum action platforming with crap level design.
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    Mega Turrican

    Where does Universal Soldier stand in the series? Thats the only one I played and finished. I understand it's one of the Turrican games but the developers just changed a sprite or two and slapped a liscence on it.
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    Mutant Leage Football

    I'm Irish so I have a very poor understanding of the sport. I learned to play Madden at one point but had forgotten everything a week later. Mutant League Football was brilliant fun; particularly in 2-player. Neither my brother and I understood what we were doing very well but decapitations...
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    Castle of Illusion

    This is a quality little game for a very early Mega Drive release. Graphics were attractive at the time. The animation in particular was excellent. The game is fairly challenging unlike the piss easy World of Illusion. There are loads of apples in hard to reach places if you're looking for...
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    Genesis Website: Pirate TV

    I made a few changes. Theres a new Museum section being contructed; check out the SG1000/SC3000 section because I just finished that. I reall want to buy one of these because they look so cool: There are also 3 new review of Mega-Lo-Mania, Trouble Shooter and Gain Ground. Now we're putting...
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    Sega Fansite: Pirate TV

    Thanks guys. Yeah Steve Snake retured to emulation last month and decided to start from scratch with a Windows emulator because KGen had done all there was to do with DOS ones really. I made a few changes. Theres a new Museum section being contructed; check out the SG1000/SC3000 section because...
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    Genesis Website: Pirate TV Reviews, emulation news and integrated forums. Please enjoy. Feeback welcomed.
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    Sega Fansite: Pirate TV I was wondering what you think of the site. I started it a couple of weeks ago. The aim is to build up tons of reviews for Mega-Drive. I'll probably start doing some for Sega Arcade games from the late 80's too, mainly system 16 to 24. Feedback is appreciated...