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    Sonic Heroes PC game save file

    Does anyone have a fully completed save game for Sonic Heroes on PC.
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    Sonic R PC Help!!!

    I have the orginal Sonic R for the PC the one released back in 1998/9 but it refuses to work on windows xp, is their anyone that has the Valusoft version that was released in 2004 that does work on windows xp and how well.
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    [Unreleased] Iron & Blood

    [Unreleased] Iron & Blood Killer Instinct on the Snes looks better than those pics shown, maybe when you played it, it would have looked better but who knows.
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    Virtua Fighter 1+2 arcade machine sticks?

    What controls were used on the the Virtua Fighter 1 and 2 arcade machines analogue or digital?
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    Where is Sega ?

    Well they have an Aliens game up for release sometime soon, that new Football Mangaer Live/Online via their sports interactive studio. They also have LETS TAP in japan Via Prope Studio they also have games set for after christmas via their creative assemly stuido Empire Total War (February 6th...
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    New Sega Vision Device

    Check out looks like sega is trying to get into the mp3/mp4 market.
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    Game Gear Power Pack

    You could probably use the higher mAH ones to get even more capacity.
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    Game Gear Power Pack

    Could the batteries in the Sega Recharagble Power packs for the game gear both versions be replaced by opening them or were they both sealed.
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    Game Gear Screen? / Sound Fix.

    Well me and my friend did it and lets say the contrast went from dull to colourful again which was great, while the screen is old technology and will never look like TFT it did make a difference especially when it came to colour improvement / noise and ghosting. We found that when we replaced...
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    Game Gear Screen? / Sound Fix.

    I found a guide in the end you have to replace the capcitors on the board. Going to try it next week.
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    Game Gear Screen? / Sound Fix.

    We All know that their is a fix for the Game Gear Sound due to poor capacitors. But has anyone made guide on replacing the capacitors for the Sega Game Gear screen supposedly this is why the colours was out and the screen becomes poor and loses...
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    Dreamcast 2 in the works?

    I cant really see sega battling it out with Sony, Microsoft and the new power of Nintendo. Sega lost money last year not made it, i don't think they could afford more debt, the pachinko division is definitely not as profitable as it once was.
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    New "SEGA PC" titles

    I wish Sonic Adventure 2 had been ported to the PC they ported most other sonic games its a shame it never got ported.
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    Good Place to Buy Sega Saturn Games London?

    What retro videogame shops in London are a good place to go to buy sega saturn games?
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    What was the first Saturn game you played?

    First game i ever play on my Saturn was Virtual Fighter 2 and what a good game to start with, high resolution graphics coupled with great audio tracks and brilliant gameplay what a great start to the Saturns catalogue.
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    Game Gear PowerBack

    Yeah the batteries used back then were the old Ni-Cad (Ni-Cd). Dont forget battery memory, always charge them when flat
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    [Unreleased] Crime Patrol

    I wouldnt say the game had much gameplay as it was like the rest of American Laser Games's Games.
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    Discworld II - Sega Saturn

    Did the Discworld II game on the PSX and PC not come on 2x CDRoms?
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    Discworld II - Sega Saturn

    How rare is Discworld II on the sega saturn and how many cdroms did it come on?
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    [Unreleased] Jackie Chan

    When i think of Star cash ins i always think of Shaq Fu or Steven Segals The Final Option and i don't have a very good feeling.